Why Should You Start a Blog? – Do You Start Blog?

What do you think about hobbies? Did you try various hobbies?

Up to now, I’ve tried various hobbies like tennis, poker, basketball, reading, video games and a lot more just to find relaxation. None of them brought me satisfaction and relaxation as blogging. The blogging has become the hobby that has, in fact, change my life and that is why I recommend it to my friends.

So in this article, I want to show you reasons why should you start a blog and also if you start a blog why you should continue blogging. As a matter a fact here you will learn secret benefit that blogging will provide to you like…

  • Personal life changing
  • Business improvement
  • Create new exciting opportunities
  • Your life will be full of Dynamic and interesting challenges

…and a lot more. In fact, you will love blogging and everything that comes with it I promise. Bellow, you will learn #41 Top Reasons Why Should You Start a Blog.

Why Should You Start a Blog? - Do You Start Blog?

Do You Start Blog? Amazing Creative Force for Life Improving

Have you ever been at a low point? I was and I have to admit that blogging has filled me nicely. Blogging has actually given me the amazing creative force for life improving. It will open your eyes and focus your life.

It will open your eyes and focus your life on improving instead of blaming others for your problems. It is very interesting that I get many emails, on week basis, from people that are scared to start a blog. They are holding back because they are:

  • Worried about what to write about.
  • Will anyone read my blog?
  • Afraid that they are not good writers.
  • Afraid they don’t have time.

Hey, I get it! I have been there too. I was scared and holding back. In my head there were many questions that I ask myself about:

  • What to write about, what is interesting?
  • How to name a blog?
  • How to design my blog to look good?
  • How to start blogging?

At one point I saw that I stand aside, watching and doing nothing. Not good do you agree? So I saw this has to change.

There was one break point at one night when I made the decision that I will start a blog. It took me for about 25 seconds to simple psyched myself and no question asked to commit myself to become the full-time blogging business.

As you can see today I am still the full-time blogger and also entrepreneur. Up to now, I had many challenges and the journey was filled with easy and hard steps but it is perfectly natural. The key thing to success is commitment.


Do you Afraid of Starting a Blog?

If you are here it is fair to assume that you hesitate to start a blog. Do you afraid of starting a blog?

I met many new bloggers. Don’t think that they don’t have problems with starting their own blog and also with the continuation of doing blogging business. In many cases they said to me:

  • I know very little about blogging.
  • I have the limited budget.
  • I have to do many things on my own.

I get that! The story was the same for me too. My knowledge and budget were small. But the critical period is starting in all jobs. Within a year I succeed to quit my job and focus on full-time blog business.


Do you have a goal?

My friend from the job asked me why are you doing this? What is your goal? This two questions I want to ask you too. It is very important for the key thing in blogging and as I say it above it is the commitment.

I had my goal but it might not be the same for you. Mine goal was to:

  • leave my job and boss,
  • make my own schedule,
  • and make decisions on my own.

So what is your goal? Let me guess you want additional income? Ok, this si very frequent blogging goal. In many cases, blogger wants to earn some extra income to their full-time jobs but when seeing opportunities they quit their full-time jobs and focus on blogging. Why is that so?

The biggest advantage of blogging business is that your income increase more and more each month. It is like you make the investment in future business grow. At one point you see that blogging is more interesting than your job and also you make more money.

So do you need to afraid of starting a blog? The answer is absolutely not. As a matter a fact if you do not try to start a blog, you will never learn your blogging potential. Does this make a sense to you?

So now let’s see the reasons why should you start a blog.


Why Should You Start a Blog? #41 Top Reasons to Start Blogging

Ok, now I want to provide you #41 top reasons why should you start a blog. If you need an inspiration then this is it! Find out how you can improve yourself, your business and also your income.

So here are #41 top reasons why should you start a blog:


1. Blogging Business is FREE & Bring Income!

Ok, the best reason why you can start your blog today is because it is free so you will not invest a penny in starting. First, you will need to:

  • make a blog
  • choose the domain for the blog

The most used platform for blogging these days is WordPress. I use WordPress and I highly recommend it. You can create your first blog for amazingly $0.  So what you have to loose? Give it at least a shot.

Also, you will need a domain. Ok, here you will need to have an investment but it will take you few bucks/month. You will have your domain and your blog is ready to go. For that purpose, I use and recommend Bluehost. So here is what I use and recommend for start blogging:

  • Make a blog with WordPress platform.
  • Choose domain on Bluehost.


2. On-line Meeting of Many New Interesting People

Once you start blogging business you will certainly improve it by using…

  • emails
  • social media

…and answering on the comments bellow the blog. There you will meet new interesting people very quickly. Many of them will want to cooperate with you by creating the relationship that will serve both sides. This relationship are called blogging community and it is very:

  • friendly,
  • encouraging,
  • and full of new amazing ideas.

The meeting new friends have more benefits. It is always the positive experience which can be very enjoyable. The best part is that there are people with similar interest that you.

You will share your interest, experience, and contacts. Very fast you will adapt in the blogging community and enjoy in meeting new friends.


3. In Time You Will Improve Your Thinking and Writing Skills

The way you talk to someone is called media. Writing is just one of the media where you place your thoughts on the…

  • paper
  • web page

…ie. your blog. When you learn some foreign language than you improve talking skills with practice. It is the same with the writing. You will improve this skills with practice. Does this make sense to you?

With the improving of the blogging, skills come higher income and also other benefits in your life. You will be able to create better…

  • book
  • presentation
  • anniversary card

…for your spouse and that will improve your life also. Ok, and now more about the second improvement.

With higher blogging experience comes better thinking skills. It is because you need to put your thoughts on the media. So you will need to think a lot and then you will improve your thinking skills. Here many new bloggers find a trap. Many new bloggers think…

  • I have nothing to say
  • I don’t know a lot about people, world, animals…

or any other domain you want to choose. Be aware that this is a trap! When this happen to me. I always think that maybe I didn’t discover this thing yet. Also, I think that there are many interesting topics in every domain so I rather choose to investigate this topic. Is that a good way of thinking?

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4. Make Blog as Journal and Empower it

There is no limitation. You can make your blog as a journal and empower it with topics that:

  • You are interested in.
  • You are thinking about.
  • Happened in your personal life.

The things that happened in your life are a very powerful source of knowledge. As you probably heard you can learn from the past. So it is recommended that you look back in the past, think about things that happened in your life and then share them on your blog.

As you can see above and bellow the whole article is actually my experience. The whole blog is just the documentary of my life and my experience so learn from it. It makes sense, does it?


5. Write About Topic of Your Interest and Earn Money! Sounds Fun, Does it?

Ok, the top 5 reason why should you start a blog is very interesting one. When I look at the topic I want to write about, I don’t look at the money.

I focus on things that interest me the most and write about that. It is actually my hobby but when I blog about this topics I also earn money. So I…

  • do the job I like
  • do it when I want

…and earn money from it. Pretty cool. The major point is that if you like your job and topic you write about, you will grow and in time earn more and more money whether you think about that or not so just relax, write and enjoy.

Ok, the major point is that you can start blogging for free or few dollars. At the first, you can focus and become the full-time blogger or you can do blogging just to have additional earnings to your full-time job.

It is good but the major thing is that you MUST NOT give up and sooner or later you will be able to earn pretty nice income. I talked with many other bloggers and they say to me that at the start they say to themselves:

  • I want to earn only for paying monthly hosting.
  • I want to earn enough money to buy food.
  • I want to just start earning some money for example just $1.

It is a good way of thinking and believes me it is the path to success in blogging. Do not expect much at the start because then you can be disappointed and give up. Go step by step like in every other business.

The advantage of the blogging is that it is flexible. You can just blog or you can be more ambitious and use your blog in order to launch higher careers like:

  1. Consulting and ad campaigning.
  2. Freelance writing.
  3. Motivational speaking.

There are many bloggers online who earn approximately $5 000. Elite bloggers go even higher for about $10 000 and more. So there is no limitation. Also, very nice hobby don’t you think?


6. Your Blog is Your Personal Journal

Blogging can serve very good for personal growth. It trains our mind and way of thinking. We can have a wider view of the world. Also, all our thoughts and experience that we share on our blog is stored on the cloud and it can’t be:

  • stolen,
  • destroyed,
  • or lost.

Of course, not all blogs are public. For example, I have a private blog where I store pictures of me and my family.


7. Blogging Business is Very Easy

It is very easy to add new stuff on your blog. The problem is when you want to setup it on the start. Here you need to…

  • learn new things
  • worry about the server, domain, and HTML

…or you can outsource this stuff. I do not recommend that because in many cases I needed to setup some things up to few times when I finally get it right as I want. Also, there are many platforms that can make your blogging life easier.

For example, if you choose WordPress then you don’t need to deal with the HTML language which would:

  • take you a lot of time.
  • be a little difficult.
  • be very boring.

So my suggestion is that you constantly learn new things and look for the tools that are used by professional bloggers. This thing will save you a lot of time, money and also make your blog better.

The thing I suggest you do is to make sure that your blog looks good. Try to customize it with…

  • themes
  • plugins

…and well-organized content which is easy to read. Once you write a few article you will see that this is actually very easy and it can be done by everyone who is ready to invest some time.


8. You will be Expert at the Topic You Choose

You will focus your thoughts on the topic you choose. There you will develop new ideas, concepts and also you will connect your ideas to the ideas of other experts at this topic. Once you do that you will see that suddenly new ideas will appear and you will be able to see:

  • new career opportunities.
  • new business opportunities.

Once you start to see new opportunities your life will become more and more dynamic despite your previous full-time boring job. More and more you will start to enjoy your new blogging life.


9. Blogging will Create You Online Brand

One of the best ways to create the online brand is to make your own blog. Once you become the global player many people will contact you for new kind of cooperation. New business opportunities will start to appear.

Due to many years in the blogging business, I was contacted by many people all around the world about the topics like…

  • marketing
  • sales
  • consulting
  • speaking engagements

…and other forms of cooperation. Some of the topics I write on were for that purpose too. I want to give you only one advice here. If you want to create the online brand in one topic you have to continuously improve and write about that topic. Does this sound logical to you?


10. New Opportunities to Earn Extra Money

Do you like earning money? Of course, you do, everyone likes it. It is not shaming to admit it and that is why this is one of the top 10 reason why should you start a blog. One of the

One of the fastest and easiest way to earn extra money is by simply waiting. When you are in blogging business for few years, the Google search engine will see that your blog and your posts are more and more authority. With the authority, Google search engine will…

  • more and more show your web page
  • show you for better words
  • show you in the better position

…and people will reach to you more frequently. The new people bring new business opportunities to earn extra money and also grow.

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11. Expand your Business and Reach to Larger Audience

Do you own a company? If so then you MUST have a BLOG! Blogs will allow your business to reach the larger audience all around the world and the best part is that you will have very small investments.

Does this sound you like a nice opportunity? It is and if your company does not possess a blog that you do not use the whole potential. Some of my friends use company blogs to…

  • post interesting stuff
  • post articles with the solution to users problems
  • share company success stories
  • share ideas, strategies and new products  with users

…and in many cases, you will succeed in turning reader to the new customer. Sounds nice, does it?

Company online presents is this day very important. The research shows that people buy and search for the information more and more on the internet blogs. This means that if you want that your company survives you will have to make your online presence visible to new potential customers.


12. Expand Your Community

The community is very important. There are the individuals that have very similar interest like you. For example, I want to start making real money and retire before natural period and enjoy in life. People all around me say to me:

  • How are you going to do that?
  • Go work and live the ordinary life.
  • You will not have the safe job.

There is no support in that kind of talking. If you listen to them you will lose confidence and eventually give up. That is why I have the online community of friends that work as bloggers and earn real money and enjoy in life. Would you choose the same?


13. You will Strengthen your Character and Become More Confident

Once you start blogging you will see how interesting life can be. You will discover so many new things and learn so many new ideas that you will start to have the completely new view on the world around you. Then you will:

  • strengthen your character
  • and become more confident

This is important because you will see that there is no limitation. You will more likely accept new views and new ideas ie. opportunities that will be provided to you. This will improve your business and also the quality of your life. Do you want to start a blog?


14. You’ll help Other People with their Problems

When you share content you are sharing a lot of valuable information. Some people are really looking for this information. In many cases, the whole blogs are focused on helping people like:

  1. Health blog
  2. Mother care
  3. Exercising tip

As you can see the people who are coming to this blogs are very likely looking for the solution to their problems. The biggest problem you solve more people will come and look at the solution you provide.

With the more people at your blog your authority, business opportunity, income, and all other parameters improve. Does this sound logical to you?


15. You will Become more Cheerful and Charismatic Person

I mention above that blogging will improve your writing skills. In the top 15 reason, why should you start a blog I want to note that you will improve your communication skills as well. Why is that so?

The research shows that when you are the higher expert and know much about topics that you will become more talkative. Also. when you are the expert, you think a lot and your thinking skills improve also. That is why you will start to talk more with other people and become more…

  • cheerful
  • and charismatic

…person. In many cases, the companies look for the employees who own blogs because they are more resourceful and adapt to organization easier. Is this a nice advantage of beeing blogger?

16. Blogging Change your Life and Life of Others

When the reader comes to your blog he is in interaction with the post. The post affects on him more than he thinks. Also, the good thing is that post you share is public so it can be seen by people all around the world.

In many cases, you are writing about topics that are interesting. You invest you…

  • time
  • energy
  • and experience

…in writing high-quality blog posts. This topic changes your life and when you share information with others you will change their lives too.

Your posts can be informative, hilarious, keen fashion or other but be aware that no matter what, it will be seeing by many users worldwide.


17. Blogs can Help You to Communicate More with Friends and Others

When you are very active every day, then you have less time to visit social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other chats. Here the blogs can be very helpful because your friends will be ale to read…

  • interesting things that happened to you
  • all your activities
  • all you interest

…on your blog every day. It is very good blogging practice to use blogs as the communication tool and stay in touch with readers.


18. Get Amazing Deal for a Book

If you look at the new best-selling books then you can see that many of them were created by the story from some blog. This day’s publishers more likely approaching to people who have the online presence and what gives you more presence than the blog.

So if you have a blog and you are active. You will attract attention on yourself and more likely is that you will get the deal for a book.


19. Positive Impact on Lifes of Others

Did you ever feel like your voice can’t change anything? Well, now it can. Your voice better now. Actually, your voice is spread all around the world and it can:

  • make someone laugh,
  • help someone,
  • teach him something he did not know.

I usually write the blog that helps others with their problems. There are many occasions when I receive messages with the texts like texts like:

  • Thanks for the help.
  • This helps me a lot.
  • Thanks. This solves my problem.

This is amazing moments and when I read it I felt great. I see that I can make a difference in the world and my vote actually gets to someone who really needs it. Do you want to make have the impact on the lives of other?

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20. Share Ideas with Very Large Online Networks

It is very easy to get more social media influence on your blog. There is one very simple trick which can help you a lot. Use…

  • social media plugin
  • or include social sharing

…on your blog. People who find your article useful will share it with others on their social network accounts. Of course when you do that you MUST make sure that your content is…

  1. Useful
  2. Well structured
  3. Provide high-quality information

…that reader are interested in. I know in many cases I put an effort to create high-quality articles and they weren’t successful as some others I wrote faster. There is actually no rule.

The best practice is that you always give your best to create the most quality contents you know and include some interesting infographics in your blog posts and the results will come in time. Do you agree with that?


21. Be-Blogger that will Make World Better Place for Everyone

You are on the Internet and if you have audience your voice is spread all around the world. Use this voice to change the world on better.

You can see that this day’s many people use their…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

…and other social networks to spread the word that someone need help. This is signs of good faith and people act on this calls. You and the people who need help will both have benefits from this stories.  Here’s an example story


22. Be Aware! With Blog comes Self-Promotion

Once you start a blog and begin to have success then you will notice how people change opinion about you. You will be amazed:

  • how many new opportunities show up
  • and how people start to respect you.

It is a well know that employers are looking for the bloggers who have the large audience where they can promote. Of course, this promotion costs but the benefits comes from both sides. Here is an example where employers come to offer working positions.


23. Make your Story Public

Every story can be very useful. Stories that bloggers share can…

  • inspire someone
  • to help them with problems
  • improves people thinking

…and much more. It is very powerful tool. When I have problems with pets I spent hours on the Internet and googled in order to find the solution.

One woman shares the same story and solution to the problem on her blog. I was very grateful to the woman, blog, and the Internet that connect people and their stories. Does this happen to you too?


24. Google Search Shows Blogs

Ok, the best search engine this day is Google Search and guess what it shows blogs to people who search keywords. This person can…

  • be your visitor’s
  • new potential partners
  • or leads

…that will create your value and business grow. The only requirement is that you create a blog and it will be listed on Search engines.


25. With Blogging, you will Improve Writing as well as Argumentation Skills

The 25 reason why should you start a blog is because it improves your professional competence. Once you start blogging you will see many new tips and tricks how to improve your posts and all of this will improve your

Once you start blogging you will see many new tips and tricks how to improve your posts and all of this will improve your writing skills. But is there any other skill improve benefit from blogging?

The answer is that there is. If you want to wrote quality content  you will have to improve your

  • grammar,
  • communication
  • and argumentation

…skills. The best part is that all skills are improved with practice. If you focus on blogging business your skills will improve significantly. The following study shows that: research about blogging and enhancing writing skills.


26. Improve Creativity which is Important for Every Business

The blogging business improves your creativity. It is as simple as that. Sinc I started to focus my full-time on blog expanding I found many new interesting and creative ideas.

Once you learn about the topic you will certainly start to have many new…

  • interesting
  • and creative

…ideas. Share them with the audience. Create your blog share your interest and start making income from your creativity. Would you like to get income from your ideas?


 27. See New Interesting Things All Around the World

The studies show that people like to learn and grow. In fact, this is one of the psychological needs which needs to be filled in order to be happy. Blogging will allow you to:

  • handle the challenge situation.
  • learn many new things.

In fact, at the start you will have to learn:

  • How to write better articles?
  • How to efficiently use social media to get more audience?
  • How to write better title?

Once you see the results that the new knowledge brings to you, you will feel filled. Also, I almost forget to note one thing you will also learn. You will learn more about yourself.

Blogging will initiate you to think more about yourself, what are you doing some things, what you like the most and more. This is the very important thing in order to be happy because happiness comes from inside the person not outside. REMEMBER THAT!

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28. Find Unique Voice in Yourself

Ok, when you write an article you are in control. When I write the article it is like and art for me. I adjust the title depending on

  • SEO
  • Keywords

…and another important staff but the rest of the article is coming from the voice inside me. This voice is unique for every person. The most important thing is that you choose your topic and there is no limitation in what you wanna write about.

This is not like the article you write for the school where your teacher provides you with the topic and say in which direction your article must go. In your blog, you are free to discover who you really are and use your unique style to make blogging art.


29. You’ll Learn How to Filter Important Things

In your life, you are bombarded with many information and it is very important that you filter the most useful one. This is not the gift. The filter for noticing the important things can be improved with practice. I found that the blogging is:

I found that the blogging is continuously processed of:

  • exploring
  • and gathering

…of the most important information and using them to provide new value to your blog visitors. In many cases, you will discover something very important when you expect it the least. When you start blogging you will remember this words I am certain.


30. You will Finally Have Place Where You Can Recommend Things

The real joy is when you can share something enjoyable with others. If you start blogging you will finally have the place where you can recommend things to others like…

  • famous and beautiful restaurant
  • good and enlightening book
  • Nice place that you visit

…and other hobbies you have like playing some sport. The blog is a perfect platform where you can share enjoyable things with others.


31. Learn How to Deal with Fears

I have had many friends that are very shy in the personal life. However, on the internet, they look completely different. The problem is that in real life they didn’t want to:

  • lead others
  • have the final word and make a decision
  • call others
  • talk in front of the audience

On the Internet, this all comes naturally. I also have the problem with this things. But when I am online the situation just look like natural and I say my opinions on the videos without any problems.

If you do blogging for a longer period you will learn how to deal with your fears and become more confident and assertive. Do you want to deal with your fears?


32. You will Find Reasons to go Forward

Goals are very important. The goals are motivation which forces us to go forward. Before I start blogging I made a list of goals I need to achieve like:

  1. Retire early.
  2. Be my own boss and make money online.
  3. Buy the house in some warm beautiful place.
  4. Enjoy in your life.

This is very important and I recommend you to write your goals and put them on the wall where you can see them. The psychologists say that this type of motivation is Intrinsic motivation.

It is the motivation that generates inside you and it is the best kind of motivation. Also, remember that you need to write down the goals. It has better results. Will you do that?


33. You’ll Live Healthier Life

Ok, one of the best reason why you should start a blog is that you will certainly make healthier life habits. The blogger job requires:

  1. Discipline
  2. Devotion
  3. Commitment

Once you apply this habits in your job, you will apply that habits in your life too. You will organize your time and meals you eat. Bloggers usually…

  • train every day
  • organize meal to eat healthier
  • organize time for sleep

This is very important because you will live healthier. Also, bloggers love their life, they do what they want and when they want which make them happier and also lower their stress level. Is this nice reason to start a blog?


34. You will be more Relaxed

The relaxation is the 34 reason why should you start a blog. The bloggers meet many new people online. They usually have the very large audience which constantly tracks them. If you start a blog you will see that your community will expand very fast. Then you will become…

  • more open to the outsiders
  • well known by others
  • you won’t be anxious…when you

…when you reveal something about yourself. You will start to open your life to the strangers and get more friends than you can imagine.


35. Your life will Become more Interesting

Are you the one that is usually bored and has nothing to do? Do you find your job boring?

Well, the bloggers will never say that. Their life is filled with interesting situations and interesting things that happened to them every day. They usually…

  • search for new things
  • read other blogs
  • learn new things
  • comfort with new situations

…and that makes their life more dynamical. So do you want more dynamical life? If so the blogging is perfect for you. You don’t have to be the full-time blogger just blog when you can, have fun and earn extra money from that. Sounds good ones it?


36. Your Life will Become Full of Interesting Thoughts

The blogging business is full of the interesting situation that is not something new. When you are every day surrounded with this thing you will start to think more.

Your life will be filled with interesting thoughts and many new ideas will get tho you when you have a free time. This is, of course, one of the reasons why you should start a blog.


37. Blogging will Extend your Way of Thinking

The blogging is well known by giving and taking in return. So first you provide to audience topic that is:

  • well, know to you.
  • that you are interested in.
  • that you want to share with others.

The audience can respond to your offer and provide you with new data that will Encourage you to think topic through again from the new perspective.

The thinking from many new prospectives will extend your way of thinking. So do you want to get whole new ideas and ways of thinking?

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38. Blogging is full of New Challenges. Are Challenges good?

When you as people about challenges they are very divided. Many people don’t know that challenges are good and encourage us to go forward and improve yourself.

Blogging is full of challenges and you should know that. The first challenge you will find if you do start a blog is:

  • commitment
  • and discipline

It is not easy to focus your thoughts on reading and writing. It takes a lot of self-discipline. But there are many bloggers in the world who do it and they enjoy their life so embrace the challenge and start your own blog.

Did this 38 reasons to start blog encourage you to start? If not there is more so let’s see them too.


39. You will Get Many Comments

Many people like only positive comments. No one likes bad comments. Is that logical?

Yes, I like positive comments more too. But there should always be the line. In your blogging business you get many comments and in many cases users people wants to:

  • ask you something
  • provide you the new opportunity
  • or comment your blog

Do not get mad when someone posts you bad comment. Note that this can help you to improve yourself. Also, when you remove many bad characteristics then your business will grow more. Does this sound to you good?

So all comments are good. Make sure that you communicate with your audience and the results will show up. Note that there si many positive feedbacks.

Make sure that you encourage yourself with the positive feedbacks and move on even stronger. Can you do that?


40. Blogging is Hobby

Are you looking for the new hobby? Do you want a hobby that is interesting, challenging and also bring you income?

Well, the blogging is a hobby and it brings money. So if you…

  • have much free time
  • like to browse the web
  • constantly get bored
  • looking for the challenges
  • wants to work and get income

…then blogging is the nice opportunity for you. Be aware it is like ADDICTION but in a good way! You will learn many new things and change your life. So there is nothing to loose, try it.


41. Present Yourself as Expert

Ok, and this is the last of the Top 41 reasons why you should start a blog I wanted to present to you. The point is that blog is the very good place where you present yourself as you like.If you are interested in…

  • photography
  • graphic design
  • writing
  • marketing

…and so on than the blog can help you to show others your competencies. The blog is nothing else than your online portfolio where you build your reputation. So take your reputation in your hands with your online blog.


Final Verdict

This was the article about Top 41 reasons Why Should You Start a Blog. Here you could learn all benefits that you can have from blogging business.

The key thing is that people all around the world have blogs and they all have some goals. If you read the article above you certainly find some interesting part which you are interested in.

So remember that blog is cheap and easy to start, brings you many benefits and change your life to better. I try and recommend it to everyone. The good news is that you have nothing to loose and fell free to start a blog.



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