What is Funnel? What is Funnel Marketing?

Do you need more information about Funnel? Wanna learn what is Funnel?

In this article, you will learn what all important information about the funnel. This is the key thing to understand because the funnel organization is the path to the successful business. So here you will learn:

  • How to organize your business as Funnel?
  • What kind of Funnels do you need to build in order to secure success?
  • Secret Funnel ideas for my business.

So if you wanna grow up your business or improve your sale the Funnel organization is proven technique to do that.  In just a few second you will learn what is Funnel and why it is so popular in business circles.

What is Funnel Secret Funnels Ideas You Need to See

What is Funnel?

If you are in professional business circles you certainly hear about Funnel. So first think you could ask yourself can be what is funnel?

It is very simple. The funnel is a word for the website which navigates new visitors through more focused and organized web pages in order to provide visitor value information and keep him as lead and potential customer.

This is a proven process which secures higher income. In the marketing, this strategy is the very powerful way which can grow the business fast. Do you want your business to grow?


 And why Funnel so powerful?

When I wanted to understand Funnel strategy I put myself in the shoes of visitor which visit the new site. I think that you agree if I say that visitor come to the site because of some problem or curiosity.

Once the new visitor comes he seek for the value. REMEMBER the word VALUE! The value for the new visitor can be…

  • Information which satisfied his curiosity
  • Information which solves his problems

…and etc. Once the visitor finds value that he is looking for he will leave. Here comes the powerful Funnel. Funnel will call visitor to take the action. The action can be:

  • Purchase
  • Sign up
  • Request for something

Of course, the visitor won’t takes action without a reason. Do you agree with that? In just a few second you will learn when will visitor takes the action.


When will visitor take the action?

It is logical the visitor will take the action if you offer him something that is value to him ie. something that solves his problems. The most attractive action forms are called Lead magnet.

The lead magnet is attractive very powerful marketing tool which higher business conversion and with that their income. Does this make sense to you?


What is the idea of Funnel marketing?

The Funnel marketing is based on navigation idea. Through the navigation people get value. The value is the key for the visitor to take the action. So through the Funnel, you will…

  • Get more leads or potential customers
  • Collect value potential customer contact and sales information
  • Improve audience number for all your funnel pages

Once the new visitors come to the Funnel they are provided with more value, they take the action and come to the next step in the Funnel.

This idea is the very useful marketing tool. But you will have to organize Funnel process and in order to do that, you will need to know types of Funnel. In just a few seconds you will learn 4 types of the most used Funnels in the marketing.


4 Types of the Most Used Funnels in the Marketing

Ok, in this what is the Funnel article I want to show you the most used 4 types of the most used Funnels in the marketing. Once you know them you will be able to implement it. Do you agree that this is next step?

So let’s see 4 types of the most used Funnels in the marketing:


#1 Lead Capture Funnels

So the first one is Lead Capture Funnels. This is very powerful marketing tool because it will capture leads. This means that your web page will call audience ie. new visitors to take the action and provide you very useful…

  • the contact information like email
  • and sales information.

Once you take it then you get the new lead. In the future, you will provide your leads value which solves them the problem and transfers them to potential customers. Here you must be very careful.


What must you bever do in order to achieve efficient Funnel with the high commission?

One of the most common new affiliate marketers is that they spam their leads with emails where they aggressive try to sell something. This is wrong because they loose…

  • credibility
  • and potential customer

…and the key Funnels idea is to keep the potential customer and sell him more products. You will only be able to do that if you provide leads with value. Once they got the value they will give you value. Does this make sense to you?


#2 Sales Funnels

The second most used Funnels are Sales Funnels. Sells Funnels act like more page which are connected and lead to the action which is selling the product.

In order to sell the product you will need to first provide your lead value about your product and how will it solve his problem. Once your lead sees that he need your product he will want to take and action and that is buying the product.

The more connected sites you have the more likely is that lead will get more information and on the end buy your product. Do you find this logical?


#3 Webinar Funnels

The third are Webinar Funnels which also connect more page and most important your members in promoting your webinars. In many cases, you want to sell webinar like the product.

For this, you will need the strong tool which will allow you to implement selling option. Also, you will need to create the special page which will allow you to implement life or recorded old webinars.


#4 Membership Site Funnels

The last frequently used Funnels by the marketing experts are Membership site Funnels. This is specially designed sites which provide only certain member some lessons or sections.

Also, like the webinars Funnels, the membership sites also require selling implementation. In many cases, you want to sell sam highly valuable information which requires less purchase action.

This was the last of the top 4 most frequently used Funnels. In just a second you will learn how to implement them in your business.


How to make Funnels? The best Funnels Programs?

Ok, when you know the what is Funnel and what type are most used one, now you need a way How to create them. Is that right?

There are many programs which can be used for building one part of the Funnels. The best All in One solution is by far ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a tool that is specially designed for making funnels.

The biggest advantage of Click Funnels software are:

  • Many functionalities that are implemented in it
  • You don’t need other tools which save you money

If you ask any affiliate marketer which is in business for some time, they will all say they heard for the software and almost all of them use it. It is not the coincidence.

In the past, I used many different products which were some kind of replacement for the Click Funnels. Once I find out for the ClickFunnels software I change all my business to this platform.

It allows me advanced options which are needed to create highly efficiency Funnels. In the Ciidu Click Funnels Review, you can see all platform functionalities. Here I want to note only the most useful one for the 4 types of Funnels:

1. Lead Capture Funnels

Here ClickFunnels platform will allow you to implement functionalities like:

  • Capture lead – build forms that take leads contact and sale information
  • Nurturing lead – Send information to the right leads: Funnels, email lists, and action funnels
  • Qualification lead – Segment new leads from leads that are potential customers


2. Sales Funnels

Here ClicFunnels platform will allow you to implement functionalities like…

  • creating new sales pages,
  • the track leads the movement
  • and optimizing sales page

…to increase your commissions and on the end to achieve higher business profit.


3. Webinars Funnels

Here ClickFunnels platform will allow you to implement functionalities like…

  • Create webinar registration web page
  • Create webinar replay page
  • Connect both pages and show once after another
  • Implement live or recorded old webinars


4. Membership Sites Funnels

Here ClickFunnels platform will allow you to implement functionalities like…

  • Adding different lesson and sections
  • Adding selling option
  • Implement lesson section


Does Click Funnels Tool allow more options?

As I mention in the article above this are only the most important and useful options. I wrote the article where I explain all functionalities in Ciidu Click Funnels Review from the link above.


How Can I Try ClickFunnels for Free?

It is very simple. You can start making Funnels in the next few minutes because you can get 14 days Free ClickFunnels trail period.

Remember that this tool is one of the most powerful solutions on the market and it is specially designed for Funnels implementation.

The ClickFunnels have two addition:

  • ClickFunnels Startup edition
  • ClickFunnels Enterprise edition

The best part is that you can try both versions for free. Also, as a bonus, I want to provide you with the Free 6 awesome pre-made funnels with very high commission rate. So this professional platform and also get the Bonus Funnels:

14 Days Free ClickFunnels Period + BONUS 6 Awsome Pre-made Highly Optimised Funnels


Final Verdict

This was the what is Funnel article with bonus pre-made Highly optimized Funnel ideas. Here you could learn what is Funnel and how to make 4 type of the best Funnels used by marketing experts.

Also, I show you one amazing specially designed tool for funnel making and that is ClickFunnels. It has 14 days Free trial version. Also for FREE, I will give you 6 awesome pre-made funnels with very high commission rate. So take this free bonus and try the powerful ClickFunnels Tool.

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