The Wealthy Affiliates Review 2017 – Is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Looking for my honest 2017 Wealthy Affiliates Review? You need to read this review then. Despite the fact that I happen to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate since last year and have made money because of it, I will be writing about both…

  • the good
  • and the bad

…in this review, ensuring I stay honest. There’s plenty of things to be happy about at Wealthy Affiliate but I have come across some things I am disappointed with as well.

I have an unpopular opinion on it and it is not going to resonate well with others who have spoken on this matter but the bad side of WA deserves to be mentioned as much as the good bits are and I am going to make this as honest as it can possibly get (especially from someone who is part of the program).

Wealthy Affiliates Review

My Past Experiences with Wealthy Affiliate

I enlisted for Wealthy Affiliate back in 2012. I came to know about it through my friend Tom, another Internet marketer.

I was looking for ways of making money online since 2010, but I wasn’t able to find much success doing it. When I came across it, I figured I’d give Wealthy Affiliate a shot. My time with them was quite a blur and I can’t recall how long it was but it was definitely short of 2 months.

Back then, Wealthy Affiliate was a far sight from what it is today. Aside from Pay Per Click Marketing, it was everything…

  • from using free websites
  • to generate traffic
  • and backlinks

…through your “money site” where you tried to get people to buy into your promotions. Part of this was the creation of articles on pages like Squidoo, Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Hub Pages and several similar websites.

Somehow, it never seemed to work out in my favour so I decided to leave a few months in. I continued down the path of internet marketing, experimenting with its different iterations for quite a few years after that, in attempt to earn small bits of money from multiple sources but It never was good enough so I decided to quit on it in 2012.

Four years later, in January 2016, I figured I’d give it another shot and discovered Wealthy Affiliate now offered a free trial membership, so I enrolled for it a second time. Ever since then, I’m a permanent member.

Unlike my previous experience, I could actually earn money through WA this time, from promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well as from a few other niches here and there. I am yet to see a consistent income pattern from it that delivers full time but it is definitely starting to deliver results. The best I ever could do in a month was May 2017, in which I earned just over $1600. I hope I’ll have earned twice that by June 2018.

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What I like about Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliates Review Pros

As I mention above there are things I like and dislike about WA. That is why I will show you Wealthy Affiliates review pros and cons. Ok, let’s start with things I like about WA ie. my Wealthy Affiliate Review Pros:


➔ Excellent Training for Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate Training

◆ If you’re entirely new to the world of Internet Marketing and creating websites, Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to start off your journey. Their training is created in a manner that is easy to follow using a step-by-step approach, with practical tasks after each lesson so that you can start setting up your business as you learn.

◆ Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress to build websites so it is extremely easy to accomplish that. Wealthy Affiliate, however, makes it even easier, though as your basic framework is ready with just a few clicks. Bear in mind though, that you still need to fill it with good content. The lessons in the program cover that.

◆ A total of 50 lessons form the program, split into five stages of courses and by the time you get to the end of it, your website will look pretty cool with engaging content.


➔ Pretty Reliable Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate offers built-in website hosting as part of your full-time membership. It is possible you may find cheaper website hosting services but make no mistake, this is top notch Website Hosting.

◆ It is pretty common knowledge that hacking and viruses can be a major issue on the internet and this stands true for websites as well. Wealthy Affiliate comes with built-in protection systems against hacking and viruses though, so you can relax. It is safe to say that I have never experienced problems like hacking and viruses on any of my websites in over two years.

◆ They also perform backups of your website data every single day so you need not worry about any problematic accidents in those regards.


➔ Really Good Tech Support

◆ On the rare occasions where I have encountered a technical issue with a website, all I ever had to do was raise a support ticket and the tech support team would respond within minutes of it. I’ve also come across other members talk about the tech support team in a good light.

If you need help with content and affiliate marketing check Wealthy Affiliate and their great community.

Try it, it's free.

You get free beginner course, free wordpress website, free [name] domain, free hosting and free keyword research tool.

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➔ Interactive Community

◆ You might usually have questions that don’t have anything to do with the technical aspects of your website but for this, you need only to approach the really helpful community consisting of members that actively engage on the forums. All you need to do is post a question on one of the twelve classrooms (Clicking on them will inform you about the kind of queries that get posted on them)

◆ You will notice that you get replies within a few minutes. There may be times where people who respond can’t answer it themselves but they can at the very least, point you in the right direction, for instance providing links to training that covers the topic.

◆ There are also weekly webinars so that the community can stay up to date on the latest developments.


➔ Additional Training Programs By Members

◆ After they’ve been a part of WA for a few months, members are allowed to create their own training programs. These can be in the form of a series of written pages or video tutorials covering various topics. This is pretty useful for learning new things.

  • Easy to Use Keyword Tool

Sure, there must be other keyword tools available but I have always preferred the simplicity of the WA Keyword tool. All you need to do is type in your search phrase and analyze the results. You can even check out the searches per month and the QSR (Quoted Search Results, which shows you how many other web pages contain the same phrase)

  • SiteComments Tool to Increase Google Rankings

You probably didn’t know about this but the one thing Google considers when deciding where you turn up in its search results is the amount of social traffic generated on your website. This includes comments on your blog and discussion threads.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a pretty useful tool called SiteComments. This credit-based system allows members to post comments on each other’s websites. Every comment posted on someone else’s website earns you one credit. Two credits are required to get a comment on your website.

I have come to notice improvements in my own Google Rankings whenever I got comments on my posts using this tool and it is definitely a safer method than getting backlinks for sure!


➔ Many Necessary Tools in One Place

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

◆ I find one of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate to be the manner in which it brings several important tools in one single place. This basically lets you select the unimportant tools optionally while more effectively using the important ones. Wealthy Affiliate is really good because of the way it covers several bases at the same time.

◆ Sure, this may not contain EVERYTHING you might want for your own internet marketing approach, for instance, there is no autoresponder service offered by default with WA which means that those wanting to go down the email marketing path will need to use a third party application for this.

◆ What it does have are the tools necessary to get you started…

  • Step-by-Step Training,
  • Website Hosting,
  • Keyword Tool
  • Weekly Live Training Sessions,
  • Extra training sessions by members,
  • SiteComments tool
  • Healthy and active community

…to discuss your opinions with. With all these things, it is entirely possible for someone to build a profitable business using just Wealthy Affiliate.

So that was my Wealthy Affiliate Review Pros. I wanted you to see that WA provide you many useful tools and information which you will certainly need if you are the beginner who want to make the quality website which will bring you income. In just a few second you will see my Wealthy Affiliate review cons.


What I Don’t Like About Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliates Review Cons

Ok, now comes the Wealthy Affiliate negative review. Let’s see what I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate:


“Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business” ???


Wealthy Affiliate’s approach to Affiliate Marketing these days is to advise all of us to create websites based on our passions and interests and then fill them with good content and add a few affiliate links, end up making money out of it. Sounds great on paper but does this really work out?

Wealthy Affiliate negative review

If you are encouraged to create a website about whatever you’re passionate about or most interested in, what if your passion or interest is not a very profitable one?

Sure it’s good advice but if your interest isn’t something that can generate a buzz or engage someone else’s consumerist interests like…

  • bodybuilding,
  • weight loss,
  • computers
  • or relationship

…advice this approach won’t work. Personally, I’ve got some interests which don’t have many commodities defining them and wouldn’t make really good business ideas. I’ve also got a few interests which I know will generate good business like:

  • Health
  • and Nutrition.

At the end of the day though, make sure you are careful to not just jump onto your favorite interests and start building a website around it. It is likely to end up as a hobby website that will make a few dollars here and there, at the most rather than a thriving business that rakes in over $50,000 a year like some of the more successful WA members. Does this make sense to you?

Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t always like this though. Back when I was a member for the first time, in 2009, they had a feature called NicheQ. This was filled with in-depth research on well-known niches that are more profitable than others, like…

  • Golf,
  • Weight Loss

…and etc. Every member was permitted to access one new Niche Report every month, giving them a head start in earning money from a niche which they knew would be profitable. Somewhere down the line, WA decided to abandon this idea in favor of encouraging people to build websites on what they’re passionate about.

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Will this Wealthy Affiliate approach work?

This approach is likely to work for some people, maybe a lot of them but there are those for whom it won’t work. There will also be a few who encounter some degree of success but not as much as they had hoped for.

The owners of WA don’t care about that, probably. As long as there are people who achieve success through WA enough to stay committed to it, membership payments will continue to roll in for them. Those who don’t succeed will still initially be paying the folks in white collars for the little time they spend here so it doesn’t matter a lot.


➔ Negativity and Wealthy Affiliate complaints Get Suppressed

You won’t be hearing a lot about it from people who aren’t very successful despite their WA membership because of a clever little strategy by the owners of suppressing any negativity around their brand.

After using Wealthy Affiliate’s services for a while, you might find that there are some things that annoy you a little too much. Try to talk about them though, and they will hide any negative posts you make. You can still see it, but don’t bother wondering if others can, because they can’t. They leave you under the impression that you’ve expressed a negative opinion but nobody agreed and it’s probably only you.


Sounds like I’m making this up?

Well, I’m not. I’ve actually confirmed this with the help of a few other members. There are times when other members asked me where my post has gone suggesting they can’t see it anymore but I still can see the post. I tried to visit the post as a guest, using incognito mode but I couldn’t find it. Other members have had similar experiences with their own posts as well.

I understand why the owners of WA do this but it is not ethical. They are trying to protect their business by blocking the negativity around it but what it truly means that despite the fact that all the positive talk around WA exists, it’s not an accurate representation of what WA truly is and what its members feel about it. There are probably many unhappy WA members we might never even know about.


➔ The Title “Ambassador” is Meaningless

Wealthy Affiliate Member

A rank number is assigned to every member at WA. The lower your number, the higher you rank. Owners…

  • Kyle
  • and Carson

…have ranks of 1 and 2 respectively. The WA Rank of members increases when they help others by posting on WA and being an active part of the community. The big prize for being at the top is the fabled “Ambassador” status, which can be achieved once your rank hits 25 or higher.

This doesn’t really mean much, however. What really happens is that you just get the title for the sake of it and nothing else. There’s no reward or access to premium features or anything of the sort for achieving this status. I’ve spoken to members who have achieved this status and they have confirmed this to me.

At the most, new members look up to Ambassadors thinking they’re people who have good advice to offer but this isn’t always the case. There are times when members have shot up the ranks to Ambassador status in merely a few months by just staying active on the forums. Being labelled Ambassador is no guarantee that you’re an experienced internet marketer.

As a matter of fact, this is quite misleading because…


➔ The Most Active Members Are Usually The Least Experienced

Despite restrictions being imposed on new members in how much they can post on WA, once a certain limit is passed, these members post quite a lot. As a matter of fact, most of the posts on the WA dashboard are by new members who are still excited about joining a new project.

The most successful members of WA aren’t very regular at posting stuff on the dashboard because they’re too busy working on their businesses. Make sure to note though, that when they do post, it is going to be very valuable to pay attention to it.

If you need help with content and affiliate marketing check Wealthy Affiliate and their great community.

Try it, it's free.

You get free beginner course, free wordpress website, free [name] domain, free hosting and free keyword research tool.

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Watch how you can start a Wordpress blog in less than 1 minute for free.


➔ Training Created By Members Can Sometimes Be Too Basic

The members who have spent a few months as part of WA are encouraged to create their own trainings, either in the form of written pages or as Videos. A member created training that gets a lot of…

  • likes
  • and comments

will earn you credits which can be eventually exchanged for money. This leads to members posting a lot of trainings which can sometimes not be very insightful or useful but still popular. There’s no way to gauge if you will actually benefit from a member created training until you try it.


➔ Personal/Motivational Post Spam

There is a significant chunk of the member base that takes Wealthy Affiliate to be their Facebook page and post a lot of personal updates and lighthearted and motivational posts. Now among these, there are a few that genuinely want others to succeed and stay motivated but there are those trying to increase their WA rank. This is problematic as such members reach Ambassador status and then realize that it was a pointless effort. Don’t you agree?


➔ Owners Try to Sell You An Advanced Keyword Tool


WA has its own keyword tool that works absolutely fine. However, despite this, the owners try to sell you a separate keyword tool called Jaaxy.

Once you are enrolled on WA as a premium member, they try to get you to sign up to Jaaxy which costs more money each month. They use a sneaky little method of doing this. They have a lesson which shows you how to promote Jaaxy as an affiliate, which encourages you to try it for yourself. If I’m not wrong, Jaaxy’s affiliate area can only be accessed if you are a member yourself.


Is Jaaxy better than Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool?

Now I will admit that Jaaxy is a better keyword tool than the basic one available with your WA membership.It lets you research more keywords and get much quicker results while having the option of saving them in the form of lists as well.

But I believe Jaaxy should have been integrated with my WA membership as a standard feature. I’d actually not mind paying more for my membership if it just came with Jaaxy as standard.

So now that I’m done ranting about the negatives, I’ll get to the point. They’re not deal breakers but I want to ensure that you know what you’re signing up for after you read my Wealthy Affiliates review.


Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Some people might ask themselves: Is Wealthy Affiliate scam? Well, I have to say that you don’t have to concern yourself with that question because you will get the answer here in the Wealthy Affiliate scam review part.

There are people all around the world who are using Wealthy Affiliate and say that starting off using it was the best decision they made in life. So what do you think, Is Wealthy Affiliate scam?

There are many past Wealthy Affiliate review 2016 from the Wealthy Affiliate members like me. There you will be able to see that it has some good and bad points like anything else. I think we can agree that it serves the purpose and in some situations, it can be the perfect solution for you. As a matter a fact in just a few second you will see is Wealthy Affiliate correct choice for you.


Is Wealthy Affiliate the correct choice for YOU?

The ultimate question after all this is whether or not Wealthy Affiliate can help you or not. It’s not the most useful platform for everybody but there are circumstances in which it can be a very viable choice for you. So let’s see is Wealthy Affiliate worth it.


Wealthy Affiliate is Right for You IF


  • You’re a beginner. If there is anything Wealthy Affiliate is REALLY good for, it is at guiding beginners in building a good website. If you’ve never built a website before, the WA training is exactly what you need to get started.
  • You’re genuinely interested in something that is profitable in the real world. As I have emphasized, the content of your website really matters and there’s no point if that content is not SELLABLE. Don’t buy into WA’s advertising of passions and interests. That’s not going to work if your passions and interests cannot be commoditized.
  • You’re willing to work for it. A successful online business takes hard work and patience. Be willing to work and wait for results.

If you need help with content and affiliate marketing check Wealthy Affiliate and their great community.

Try it, it's free.

You get free beginner course, free wordpress website, free [name] domain, free hosting and free keyword research tool.

Check my Wealthy Affiliate: Review, Complaints, and Comparison.

Watch how you can start a Wordpress blog in less than 1 minute for free.


Wealthy Affiliate is NOT Right for you If:


  • Your passions and interests are not profitable. As I’ve mentioned, there are passions and interests out there that don’t have a lot of sellable aspects in which case you will find your WA membership a pointless expense in the long run.
  • You’re looking for a quicker means of making money. Now I did say that setting up a business is a time-consuming process but WA makes it quicker. Don’t go looking for any shortcuts though, as there are none. WA can only help you speed up your process but not if your efforts aren’t enough.
  • You’re not willing to invest in it for the long-term. If you’re not interested in a long term venture, you might as well turn back now and abandon your idea for good. It’s not going to be worth it at the end of the day.
  • You don’t want to work. The most important part of it is your willingness to work. If that doesn’t exist, the entire endeavor is going to be fruitless and disappointing.



This was my Wealthy Affiliate review 2017 which I create to show you good and bad points. I made a research on Wealthy Affiliate to show you…

  • Wealthy Affiliate Pros
  • Wealthy Affiliate Cons

Wealthy Affiliate on its own is a really good place to learn how to build websites and get help from other marketers. It’s also a good place to get updates on the latest developments in the industry. Don’t go around expecting a means to get rich quick. This isn’t a shortcut and you’d best stay away from anything that advertises itself as such.

It has its negative points, just like anything else in life but that’s not to ignore the bucket loads of good things you can gain out of it. What truly matters is your attitude towards work and your morals towards it. Success can be achieved even without a program like Wealthy Affiliate if you just persist and work hard. If you don’t, there’s not much that Wealthy Affiliate can do either. Don’t bother.

The best thing about it is that it offers everything you need to build a business website in one place:

  • Training,
  • hosting,
  • keyword research

….and an active, healthy community that is willing to help. If you truly want to succeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a tool to make it a more convenient experience. Give it a try. There’s no other way of knowing whether or not it works out in your favor. They have a free trial on offer for knowing just that. Use it!

Wealthy Affiliates Review is over and I can conclude that assumption wealthy affiliate scam is definitely not true.

If you need help with content and affiliate marketing check Wealthy Affiliate and their great community.

Try it, it's free.

You get free beginner course, free wordpress website, free [name] domain, free hosting and free keyword research tool.

Check my Wealthy Affiliate: Review, Complaints, and Comparison.

Watch how you can start a Wordpress blog in less than 1 minute for free.

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