[VIDEO] Watch How You Can Start Free Blog in Under 1 Minute!

This 2-minute video tutorial will show you how you can start blog in under 1 minute.

You will see step by step process and you won’t be able to say “It’s to complicated” anymore. That’s why i didn’t start my own website, yet. That’s why I procrastinate

Go to – SiteRubix.com – and start now!
As you saw in a video your first step is to visit SiteRubix.com.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what to do after you install WordPress, because you will also get free beginner blogging course. It will lead you through the process of building your blog foundation. What basic things you need to add to your blog first, etc.

You will also get some tips on how do bloggers make money from blogging. Creating Siterubix website is really the best any beginner can do. I wish it was available when I started my online business career. You don’t know how luck you are these days and how much trouble and time this platform saves you.

It Was Much Harder Before

In my time pre 2009 to start a blog you had to buy own domain, own hosting, install wordpress manually from PHP file, install plugins manually, and there wasn’t that many plugins so you couldn’t do bunch of things you can do today, and other stuff.

Nowadays you get all that in under 1 minute for free. Not to even mention how hard was to figure it all on my own. Guides and help was very scarce.

It’s so much better today.

If you need help with content and affiliate marketing check Wealthy Affiliate and their great community.

Try it, it's free.

You get free beginner course, free wordpress website, free [name].siterubix.com domain, free hosting and free keyword research tool.

Check my Wealthy Affiliate: Review, Complaints, and Comparison.

Watch how you can start a Wordpress blog in less than 1 minute for free.

Premium Affiliate Community Membership

If you like what you got so far you may also decide to opt-in for premium membership. Although it’s optional.

With premium membership you get a lot more guides, and what’s maybe even more important you get access to awesome and helpful community that will help you on every step of your blogging journey.

Siterubix is indeed the best free blog maker.
Watch How You Can Start Free Blog in Under 1 Minute!

Now, go and start free blog.

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