Top #7 Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Wanna find out the top 7 big mistakes new affiliate marketers make? Also, tips and tricks to achieve success in affiliate marketing?

In this article, you will learn ways to achieve better success in affiliate marketing. I will provide you with the top 7 mistakes and then examples of better solutions. So in this article, you will learn:

  • What happens when you organize your business wrong?
  • How to focus your affiliate marketing promotion in right direction?
  • What happens when you force quantity?

Top #7 Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes



New affiliate marketers

Ok, when I first started in affiliate marketing, my goal was just to earn more money. I was looking in many directions and trying everything just to earn more and didn’t have any idea of the mistake I was making. The problem i is that it affect my chances at long-term success.

Now after years of experience in affiliate marketing earning and teaching others to earn, I fount that there are several most common big mistakes new affiliate marketers make.

Bellow, I want to share with you valuable knowledge about…

  • top 7 big mistakes
  • tips and tricks to correct it

…and achieve success in long term. So let’s see top 7 mistakes and discuss it in detail.


Top #7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Here you will learn what you must do and what you must not do if you wanna achieve success in affiliate marketing. So do you wanna achieve success in the long term as the affiliate marketer?

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Let’s see the path to success:


Big Mistake #1 – Selling Rather Than Helping


What marketing really is? Whose job is to sell?

So the question you must ask yourself when you start, whose job is to sell? The word „Marketing“ is a part of the affiliate marketing. That is why your job is only the first part and that is the refer reader to the sales page with the affiliate links.

In just a second you will see a valuable example of first mistake and what to do in order to achieve better results.

When I started in affiliate business, I wanted to sell more products and the impulse reaction is to fill my pages with links and words you can see everywhere „BUY THIS NOW!“ and „ORDER NOW!“.


Where is the affiliate marketing problem with this?

The problem is that you did not help the reader. The reader wants value and the value is answered on two questions:

  • Why I need that product?
  • How will it help?

Also, people are suspicious and that is why they want to hear feedbacks from other customers before they make a decision to buy the product or not. An example of good practice is reviewed on Amazon.

Amazon products have real customers reviews and it is very powerful practice. It has more valuable to the people also because these reviews are feedbacks of the customers who have nothing to gain if other people buy the product or not.


So what is the first tip and trick to have better success in affiliate marketing?

The first tip is to be an unbiased reviewer rather than a high-pressure salesperson. The people will have more trust in you and in many cases, they will come back in future to look for advice on other products. Does this make sense to you?

The best part is that you will make more sales at the start and also you will have better success in the future. In just a few second you will learn second most common mistake that will cost you time and money.


Big Mistake #2 – Too Many!


How to organize your affiliate marketing business?

Online marketing is business like any other and it requires good organization. This is one essential thing that you should have in mind. The advantage of the good organization are…

  • Easy to manage business
  • Easier for you to work
  • You will choose better assignments

… for daily work. Is that one of the key thing to success?

When I starting up this was also one of my big mistakes. I join on all affiliate programs that come across.

This is another big mistake I made when starting out — joining any and every affiliate program I came across. On one point this becomes unmanageable.

What are tips and tricks?

Ok, so don’t get me wrong I absolutely support and believe in cultivating multiple streams of online affiliate marketing income. The only think is that you need to find a manageable limit for yourself.

On that way, you will be more productive and also you will not overload yourself. Do you agree with that?


Big Mistake #3 – Not Testing


What is good practice? How to test your offer for free?

When you wanna promote some offer it is always good to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. This is a good practice and also free way to test your potential offer.

When I go to choose next product to promote, for example, Clickbank offer, I always try to put myself in the shoes of the new and potential customer. Then I test the vendors’ follow up sequence from the potential customer point of view.


What can you learn from testing?

The most important thing you will learn is how will potential customer react. Most common mistake that new affiliate marketers make is to spam customer inbox. If you do that potential customer will…

  • Loose trust
  • Loose patient

…and it will result in the unsuccessful sale. If you put yourself in the potential customer shoes how would you react when someone blows up your inbox with messages?


Big Mistake #4 – Not Tracking


How not to promote your product?

One of the most valuable lessons for me was when I started with affiliate marketing I did not put tracking ID’s. So what happens?

This was one of my biggest start mistakes. On my affiliate marketing career beginnings, I use Squidoo website where you can make free web pages. This was a good choice then and I use it up to now.

The second thing I do is promoting Amazon products on the new free pages. As a new affiliate marketer, I forget to…

  • put tracking IDs on site
  • and organize all tracking IDs

…for affiliate links I used. When I had many products there is hard to go back and put them. In just a few seconds you will learn how valuable tracking can be.


What are advantages of tracking?

The first big advantage is that you know WHERE SALE COME FROM. It’s ver powerful information because you will know which site has good conversation and you will be able to grow and scale its campaign.

This will lead you greater success. What do you think of that, is this powerful information?


How to set up a tracking?

Ok, all affiliate platforms enable you to track sale. It’s supported by unique tracking ID option. For my affiliate network called Amazon, the set up of unique tracking ID is fast and easy. Here is how to set up unique tracking ID on Amazon in 4 simple steps:

  1. Login to Amazon
  2. Go to Account Settings
  3. Select Manage Tracking IDs
  4. Make a new tracking ID

Once you set up tracking on your affiliate links you will be able to see which page and sold the most and also which product it sold.


Is there a good sale tracking tip and trick?

My advice is to organize your affiliate unique tracking IDs. Write down all your IDs so there will be no confusion after.

When I started to create unique tracking IDs I was able to track everything from the start. But when I started to promote many offers on many sites, then It was hard to track the sale for me.

  • So don’t make this big mistake new affiliate marketers make and…
  • Set up unique tracking IDs for offers,
  • Organize all offers unique tracking IDs

… so you can learn which campaign sell most so you can grow and scale it in order to achieve the higher profit. Were this tip and trick useful to you?

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Big Mistake #5 – Not Comparing


Why should you compare?

One of the most powerful persuasion tip and trick to higher your conversation is to compare products. You should always compare your main product with other competitors in order to help the customer make a decision.


How many products should I compare?

When people want to buy some product they usually have three best candidates. Then they need to make a decision which one is better for them. That is why I recommend you to compare…

  • Your main product
  • With two similar products

…to narrow potential customer choice on the one that is the best for them. Also, this comparison tactic is good for you. When you compare for example „3 Best Products for …“ then you will…

  • Find out more information about product
  • Have two more products with your affiliate link

…and with old tactic only one main product. Pretty good trick don’t you think?


Is there more advantage of comparing trick?

If you wanna find out which product is more popular by the users the comparing tactic is the grat way to find out that information. You will also be able to see which product have the better conversation.

These two feedbacks are very powerful and valuable information to you. You will be able to focus on a better product and in the future get higher affiliate marketing income.

On the end, I want to note that comparison articles are very popular by the readers. They attract many readers and also conversion is very high.


Big Mistake #6 – Make Money Online Products


Should you use powerful texts like “I make 10 million dollars with this product“?

When the person who is potential customer read it, the will loose trust in you. These lines are false claims and people know it. You can only loose with false claims so don’t use them at all!


Why people in affiliate marketing use false claims lines?

You can ask yourself why wouldn’t I use this statement? In fact, many users on the Internet use them. That is correct and you can see many…

  • articles,
  • headlines,
  • forum post

…that use false claims statement. That is as I mention before bad practice. Many new affiliate marketers use falls claims articles because they sound good and think it will convert more.

The most useful affiliate marketing tip here is do not use false claim statements! You will only lose credibility and potential customers. In just a few second you will learn one more dangerous trick.

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Big Mistake #7 – “Oh Look! A Butterfly!”


Did you know that this is one of the biggest mistakes of experienced and new affiliate marketers?

Ok, let’s see why.

Affiliate marketing business is full of surprises and you can see on a constant basis that suddenly, something “shiny” comes through. This is the very frequent mistake of new and experienced affiliate marketers.


What I need to do when I see „butterflies“?

You have to make a decision and focus on your project and goal. When you see some “butterflies” occasions the best thing you can do is to:

  • Ignore them.
  • Complete profitable campaign.

Remember this tip! If you possess one profitable campaign, it wi worth more than 40 half finished campaigns.


Final verdict

This was an article about top 7 big mistakes new affiliate marketers make. I wrote it to show you tips and tricks which you must and must not do if you want long-term affiliate marketing success.

In the article above you could see how easy is to go downfall but also you could see the best practice examples which will provide you amazing success in affiliate marketer business.

On the end, I want to note that affiliate marketing requires self-motivation, organization and focus which are learned skills. So have in mind mistakes, better practices and learn skills that will help you achieve long-term affiliate marketing income.

Best of Luck to you!!!

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