The Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Review – Become Affiliate Marketer

Are you looking for the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review? Do you want to become affiliate marketer?

I was a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate WA and Affilorama; I am in a better position to assess the two programs. Throughout the article, I will compare this two programs and point out better one in categories.

To long short story in the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and recommend you to try it for free. Wealthy Affiliate is better than Affilorama in both values they offer and the benefits members derive from them. Wealthy Affiliate is cost effective even though it provides valuable information and provides better active support, including the vibrant community.


Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama Compared

The Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Review

Kyle and Carson founded Wealthy Affiliate program in the year 2005. It has gradually matured to the most dominant affiliate program on the internet today. It offers training for its category of members, which include…

  • paid
  • and free

…members. If you want to become affiliate marketer then you are a new member. New members have available training materials that can help them. Mark Ling and Simon Slade, on the other hand, founded Affilorama in the year 2006. The program introduces brand new affiliate system, and it equally teaches its members how to create online wealth. The system has valuable information available

The system has valuable information available to its free members. It equally makes provision for both free and paid membership. These two programs focus on affiliate marketing, but they have their different affiliate marketing styles. You can choose between any of them and that depends on which style you like most.

The two affiliates systems can be compared with these following points:

  • Training
  • Price and value
  • Community and support available


The Wealthy Affiliate vs Aaffilorama Review – Available Training

This is the first part of the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review. Here I will compare available training and point out good and the bad points of both training programs. So let’s see whose training programs are better.


Affilorama training

Affilorama training

Affilorama provides different levels of training for its members, and the breakdown of the training is as follows:
1. Free lessons training

2. Premium membership training and this includes:

  • Affiliotools
  • Bonus videos
  • Fifteen sites
  • Webinars and interviews

3. Affilioblueprint is one of their programs and it includes Affiliotheme. This teaches how to earn money online. This theme is meant purely for internet marketers.

4. Affiliojetpack, this is the most superior item from them, this item is not available now.


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You get free beginner course, free wordpress website, free [name] domain, free hosting and free keyword research tool.

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Free training

This training as said before is free and it includes more than one hundred hours video training. The lessons here are helpful and the information is plenty. It is very good for the people that want to:

  • become affiliate marketer
  • as well as the experienced users.

It provides you highly valuable free information. You can get information on how to get started in affiliate marketing step by step. If you have not had the opportunity of going through the training videos, it is good if you watch one today. This training program is easy because it is available in a video, which is not difficult to digest. Apart from the video training, there is a write up below it.


Premium membership

There are different training programs available for premium members. As you already know premium members are paid members and some of the training programs available for them include:

  • Advanced training modules.
  • Bootcamp videos, here you are going to learn how to build your affiliate website right from the scratch.
  • Hosting for fifteen domains free.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I was expecting more things from Affilorama, but unfortunately, it was not forthcoming.

Affilorama site is not easy to use. You are not going to find navigation easy. There are multiple distractions by other trainings headlines. If you become affiliate marketer then you are a new member. New members would be requiring assistance…

  • as to which of the training programs to watch,
  • and what is the best order to watch such affiliate marketing programs.

This is better than the multiple headlines, which are disruptive. Content available for premium members is not as rich as expected because it is not broad enough. Because of that, the amount paid for it may not worth it after all. The best aspect of that premium membership training program includes the Affiliate Bootcamp videos. This

This is the highly valuable step by step affiliate marketing for beginners guides where you learn how to create your professional website. Even at that, many people are going to find it hard with these videos, because most of them were not easy to use. You are going to spend lots of hours watching these videos and you can spend more than two hours just to watch one video. How does this sound to you?

It would have been better if the information were broken down instead of lumping the training programs in one place to be watched them once. Don’t you agree?

Moreover, the Bootcamp videos:

  • do not load fast,
  • but the content is great.

Because of the slow video load, many people are going to be tired of the videos. Though the content may be great, the time it takes is long. They should have broken it down into segments for easy understanding.

For those who have the time to spend or who stay awake, they can watch the videos and digest the information, it could be useful for them. Lumping videos together is a contrast to other free training videos elsewhere. Such videos are usually snappy, and it does not take time before you absorb the information it contains.

Affilorama used to show and teach outdated methods such as:

  • PLR articles
  • and dwelling more on backlinking.

There is a change now. Some members report that they still get the same outdated training from the system. It appears that the information is misleading. There is a warning against that on their website.


The Affiliojetpack and Affilioblueprint

Affiliojetpack used to be the biggest ticket offered by Affilorama. This package is now closed. The niches you can choose from are few in number. Moreover, there is the issue of:

  • duplicate content,
  • as well as oversaturation.

For example instaniche.Though Affiliojetpack is no longer available, even when it was available, there were enough criticisms against it. It would be interesting to know if any other person has any personal experience about what we are saying. If any person has any experience, let them share with me.

Affilioblueprint is different and this is because it is all one video. It is a systematic course and the most prominent among them is the Affiliotheme. This is one of the best from Affilorama. However before you can enjoy this program, you must become a premium member.

Many people would not be bothered about Affiliotools and this is because it contains a lot of irrelevant materials. Instead of that try…

  • webmaster tools
  • and Google analytics

…on your own, these could be more useful.  You can also get better tools if you need them. In terms of hosting, you can find your hosting plan after one year. I think that Affilioblueprint is good and you can drive value for your money.

Now let’s see the Wealthy Affiliate Training and compare it with one of the Wealthy Affiliate alternatives like Affilorama.


Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate Review Cons

The training programs offered by the Wealthy Affiliate are unique. They do not offer additional upsell, apart from the premium membership. Their training program is transparent. If you subscribe to the premium membership, you are going to have direct access to all their training programs. Here are some of the available training programs:

  • Free membership and you have ten parts course as well as two siterubix, which you get free.
  • Premium membership: you are entitled to several of video training, as well as step by step training course and this include the regular affiliate certification as well as Bootcamp. There is a weekly webinar, as well as several training programs created by other members for fellow members.


These trainings are not difficult to follow, as each of the lessons has a specific action, which you should undertake before you move to the next training course. You can see more about that in the wealthy affiliate review. Most importantly, WA updates its…

  • pages
  • and courses

…when there is a need for it, for example in the case of Google algorithm changes and so on. Its creators always update and reflect the changes once there is any. WA focuses mainly on content production, as well as providing free and organic traffic and they do that focusing on low competition keywords for high search engine ranking. Does this sound good to you?


WA Premium Membership

Premium members would have access to all kinds of programs available. Some of the programs available are as follows:

  • Unlimited domains as well as free siterubix sites
  • Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool
  • Live training webinars weekly
  • Previous live webinars
  • Live chat
  • Training classrooms
  • Four certification courses and this is after your free membership
  • Bootcamp training courses and the aim here is to help you make money online
  • The ability to make your training after 3 months and you are expected to be paid for it.

The trainings available for you as a premium member are more than what you should expect. At the beginning, it seems overwhelming. In the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review, I want to compare both solutions.

Comparing the two, we observed that it is easier for members to navigate through WA than navigating through Affilorama. Furthermore, the certificate program, as well as other training programs can be easily digested and you can go through them when it suits you most.


If you need help with content and affiliate marketing check Wealthy Affiliate and their great community.

Try it, it's free.

You get free beginner course, free wordpress website, free [name] domain, free hosting and free keyword research tool.

Check my Wealthy Affiliate: Review, Complaints, and Comparison.

Watch how you can start a Wordpress blog in less than 1 minute for free.


Value and Pricing

The second category I want to compare in the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review is value and pricing. So let’s see which program will be better in this category.

It is already said that WA does not have any upsell other than the premium membership. There is no need of including Affilioblueprint in comparing the price. Because of that, it should have been better if Affilioblueprint is left as a standalone product. It should not have been part of the premium membership.


Regular membership

Affilorama training is indeed rich because it is extensive. I encourage you to go through it if you have not already done so. However, there is the problem of organization, it would have been better if the program could put you through the on-site building. It should have been simplified so that it becomes easier to understand the process of website building. This is not the case.

It should have been simplified so that it becomes easier to understand the process of website building. However, this is not the case. Now let’s compare it with WA program.

When the training program is compared, the training program offered by WA is more systematic. You can easily understand such things like:

  • Niche
  • WordPress
  • SEO basics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Keyword research and so on

When it comes to the training program available for free and premium membership, we observed that WA is more valuable. There are a lot of trainings available for WA premium membership and these programs are available to them daily as well as weekly.

Weekly, WA offers live training webinars and these are recorded. This means that you can watch it again at your convenience. Moreover, members can contribute their training programs, which they can benefit from.

Perhaps the only that Affilorama offers which WA does not provide is the Affiliotools. However, most of their materials are not necessary.
One unique thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the inclusion of interviews from successful WA users. Though these may be plenty, we always get something unique when we read those interviews because these successes could motivate many people to follow their footstep and succeed as them.



In terms of the cost, Affilorama charges sixty seven dollars monthly and they provide for one dollar trial for thirty days. On the other hands, WA charges $47 monthly and it provides for seven days trial at the cost of $19 for the first month. If you decide to pay $359 yearly, you are going to have discounts as it amounts $29 monthly.

WA offers more training programs, and their monthly charge is lower when compared with Affilorama it is cheaper.


Become Affiliate Marketer

If you want to Become Affiliate Marketer then you certainly wanna save yourself money. As the WA is cheaper it is reasonable that you try with this option. However, I must note that Affilorama provide you much useful information and you should consider looking for the free materials they provide to you.

However, in the long terms WA is better and if you are a new member you will certainly be interested in the last category I want to mention in the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review. In just a few second you will learn which program has better support and community.




The last category I want to compare in the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review is support. In the supported testing, I will include community because in many cases it is the valuable source of information and helps you need. This category should be very interesting to you if you want to become affiliate marketer because in time you will need help and

This category should be very interesting to you if you want to become affiliate marketer because in time you will need help and advice. So let’s see which program has better support and community.



Affilorama Support and Community

Affilorama Support

Affilorama offers an incredible email support and this is helpful for its members. They can take time before they respond to the mail. Furthermore, they provide community support and this means that you can reach out to the community. The problem here is that it is full of new members, and this will affect the quality of help you get. Community support is not as effective as in the Wealthy Affiliate.

It is important to note that you would be getting the email from Affliorama founder Mark Ling once you subscribe. We have attended webinars promoted by Mark Ling aimed at helping you make plenty of money. Usually, other products from other marketers are promoted during such webinars. One problem we have with it is that these products are:

  • over priced
  • and many of them do not deliver the expected results.

Though the creator is a likable man, the tactics of promoting products and overcharging it is not the best.


Wealthy Affiliate Support and Community

Wealthy Affiliate Support and Community

The greatest thing here is the live chat feature. This makes it possible for members to ask a question and get the answer. Just like the Affilorama, there are many new members in their community and this could affect the quality of advice you get from them.

Moreover, you can ask their community important question and you can get helpful advice. Furthermore, WA provides web support, which you can use to resolve technical issues. You can have direct chat with WA founders…

  • Kyle
  • and Carson

…and these people can help you a lot. It is certain that Wealthy Affiliate has an edge over Affilorama. However, the only problem you can have with the WA community is that you can be distracted. When you use the live chat, you can spend lots of time waiting for your turn. However, you can always get help, and you would see somebody willing to help you.



The Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Review – Who wins?

We have already made it clear that Wealthy Affiliate is the clear winner. However, both are different in terms of:

  • method,
  • training,
  • as well as style
  • and layout.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership offers you everything you want and it actually over delivers both quality and in volume. I have this experience as a premium member.

Affilorama does a good job in its free membership, they need to do more work in the premium membership. What they offer to premium members are not the best. There is the need for expansion. It is certain that the founders of WA are looking for ways of improving their services. The site has always transformed within the past ten years.

So if you are experienced marketer or you want to become affiliate marketer I recommend WA because in the Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review test results shows that Wealthy Affiliate provides you more value.

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