ClickFunnels Review, Is Click Funnels Scam? Click Funnels Pricing

If you do any type of business you probably heard for Click Funnels. It’s very popular tool. Lately almost every entrepreneur use it. Do you wanna know why?

Ok, this is the Click Funnels Review in which you will learn:

  • What real customers ClickFunnels reviews say about the software?
  • Is there something you must see before starting?
  • Why is Click Funnels so popular in affiliate marketing?

Those were questions I asked myself when I started affiliate marketing business. This article will provide you with a better overview of the software because I created it from the real customers feedback.

If you wanna start earning income and automating your business then this click funnels review will be very useful to you.  because it will reveal you all powerful secrets that you certainly wanna know before starting using

It will reveal all powerful secrets that you certainly wanna know before you start using ClickFunnels tool.
ClickFunnels Review

Click Funnels Review – The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Ok, in the first part of the Click Funnels Review I wanna show you why is this program so often chosen as the favorite affiliate marketing tool.

As you certainly know if you wanna succeed in the business then you need to use a lot of professional tools to make things work without problems.

Click Funnels is one of those professional tools which is very frequently used by affiliate marketers.


Why do you need to consider it?

When I started my online business I looked for the professional tools to make my web pages and I come up with two interesting tools…

  • OptimizePress
  • LeadPages

…and I use them in the beginning. Those were nice tools but as I learned more about the online affiliate marketing business I saw that these tools limited my business. I needed a far more powerful solution.

In the ClickFunnels reviews by real users, I saw that a lot of experts use Click Funnels because it implements a lot of useful tools that you need if you want to achieve higher online marketing income. So in about just a few second, you will learn what this powerful tool allows you.


What is ClickFunnels? Can I Make Powerful Funnels in it?

In the second part of the Click Funnels review, you will learn what ClickFunnels tool can do. However, before that, I wanna explain you the difference between Funnel and ClickFunnels.

These two teams are not the same. The difference is big and when I start to use Click Funnels the first questions I asked myself were:

  • What is Funnel?
  • What is ClickFunnels?


What is Funnel?

The funnel is a term that refers to the small website which leads web page visitors through a collection of pages in order to sell more products through the user flow to achieve higher commission. You can offer more affiliate products so you can achieve higher commission when customers buy multiple products. Do you want a higher commission?

I want, and I think you want as well, so use this strategy because it gives results. Every great marketer uses a funnel on his website.


What is the basic idea of Funnel marketing?

The basic idea of funnels is that you navigate people through more web pages in order to…

  • Build a larger number of potential customers
  • Get more audience on your pages
  • Collect more potential customers information: contact and sales

So if you follow the Funnel idea you will start building a list. The list will allow you to engage and re-engage old and new customers.

Once you implement it your income grows because new customers get more value once you send them through the list and they will buy more and also old customer can be re-engaged again in order to buy other products. Does this make sense to you?


What is Click Funnels?

Ok, now when you know what is Funnel, and you know that you need to build one and also you know that you need to start building a customer list, you will need some tools. Is that a next logical step?

As I mention above there are more products that can do that. In the past I mostly used:

  • OptimizePress to build web page
  • Ad Weber to build a list

Don’t get me wrong! This two products are good and served me well. But when I wanted to…

  • add my own products,
  • automate customer flow,
  • do split testing,
  • better organize my list,
  • add affiliates to sell my products,
  • process payments,
  • build well-organized web page navigation

…then I didn’t have a choice and I start to use professional ClickFunnels tool because it is very powerful and provides you with a lot of possibilities.

Most required capabilities are implemented in itself so you won’t need other programs which will save you a lot of money.

For example, ClickFunnels will save you a lot of money for…

  • Hosting for website which cost $100 per month
  • Autoresponder for emails which cost $400 per month
  • Software for split testing which cost $157 per month
  • Software for affiliate tracking which cost $389 per month

…and also yearly expenses…

  • Payments for Web page designers – $45k
  • Payments for Web page programmers – $73k


What are Click Funnels Advantages in Comparison with other Marketing Tools?

I want to show you the full potential of this marketing software. Do you wanna find out Click Funnels advantages in comparison with other affiliate marketing tools?

I think you do. So let’s see the Click Funnels most useful capability list:

1. Build Lead Capture Funnels

The lead capture funnels is a process which generates you leads. This means that lead capture funnels will separate people who will buy some product and people which won’t so you need to send them other product.

So this is something you need to do if you wanna achieve efficiency and the biggest income in your business. If you bombard potential customers with emails of product they don’t want you will lose credibility.

On the other site if you provide potential customers with the information and product that solves their problems, then they will more likely buy that product. Do you agree with that?

Ok, here ClickFunnels tool will allow you to implement:

  • Lead Computer – take all potential people information or leads
  • Lead Nurturing – delivering to the leads information which might interest them
  • Lead Qualification – determine is the lead potential customer or he need more nurturing

NOTE! All leads are useful. You just need to deliver the right information in the right time and they will become sales leads or customer which buy your product.

Click Funnel tool has all option implement in itself so it will allow you three options describe above which change lead into the actual buyer. Do you need this options?


2. Make your own Sales Page Funnels

Ok, every web page which sells something needs a sales page. Is that right?

So the thing you need to do is to make a Sales Page Funnels. To include many other pages you have for the one product you need to create Salles Funnel. In the Click Funnels Review, I want to show you what does Sales Funnel is

The Sales Funnel will act like more page which leads customers to the sales page. If you connect more page and create harmonious unity then your income will amazingly increase.

Here Click Funnel tool will allow you to create web pages, track your leads and optimize web pages to get more sales and more income. In just a second you will learn ClickFunnels implementation Webinar funnels potential.


3. Implement Webinar Funnels

Here I want to note in the Click Funnels Review article that this tool is very good for webinar funnels implementation. ClickFunnels will allow you to…

  • Design webinar registration page and
  • Design webinar replay page which shows once people register
  • Connect registration page with replay page
  • Create page for life and recorded webinars

If you do not use ClickFunnels tools then you can see the Real customers ClickFunnels reviews that you will need many other expensive tools. So I recommend you to use this All in One solution.


4. Create special Membership Sites

Once you have the audience you can create membership sites. This also can be done by many other products but why to use all other software when you can use All in One solution like Click Funnels

Here ClickFunnels membership sites option will provide you functionalities like…

  • Add different lessons and
  • Add different sections
  • Add option for members to purchase access
  • Create lesson section


Are there more options that are supported with Click Funnels Tool?

When I started 14 days trail I was very suspicious and trying with basic email lists to see will everything work. After one week I saw that it allows everything I wanted and more. The options I needed and it was not supported with previous tools was:

  • A/B Split Tests
  • Advanced Email Integrations
  • Creating of advanced web pages
  • ClickPops

After one week I learned more options that this software has like…

  • ClickOptin
  • Sales Funnels
  • Membership Funnels
  • Auto Webinar Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Hangout Funnels
  • Order Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Downside Pages

Also, the most surprisingly for me was number web pages I could create (300 web pages) and a number of people in email list I can have (100 000 people) without additional ClickFunnels pricing.

With my previous tools this numbers was:

  • Web pages: 3
  • Email list: 10 000

Do I need to tell you more about my satisfaction with Click Funnels? I think not and that is one of the reasons why I am writing this Click Funnels review, in the first place.

In the ClickFunnel pricing part of the review, you can see how to get free version so my suggestion is that you at least try it. You won’t regret it! Also, this is the answer to the question why is this tool so popular. It si very powerful and it is definitely worth to try. Do you agree?


Click Funnels Affiliate Marketing Program Conclusion

In the Click Funnels Review article above you could see the best Click Funnels capability feature list. It allows you a lot more and I left this secret to you to discover it by yourself. As you know the Click Funnel is Free to try so you have nothing too loose. The link for the free 14 days trial version is bellow.

The biggest advantage of this product is the implementation of many functionalities in it. That is the key why this app is so popular in the Affiliate marketers circles. It will allow you to…

  • Build Lead Capture Funnels
  • Make your own Sales Page Funnels
  • Implement Webinar Funnels
  • Create special Membership Sites

…and a much more. In the real customersClickFunnels reviews you can see that this tool is the inexpensive solution and it just does not have any competitors which can match with him.

As you could see it has many useful options which can very easily help your business to better engage and re-engage potential customers so you can achieve higher business income. Do you like capabilities that ClickFunnels provide to you?


ClickFunnels Pricing

The second thing I want to mention in the ClickFunnels review is ClickFunnles pricing. First, you all probably wanna know about the free edition and free trail. So in just a few second, you will learn how to try Free ClickFunnel enterprise and startup edition.

If you want to skip reading and try the software go here: Free 14 days Click Funnels Tool.


How to try Free ClickFunnel enterprise and startup edition?

The first think I want to know when I want some product is how it work and will it be useful to me. With this tool, this is not a problem. You can easily try 14 days:

  • ClickFunnel free STARTUP edition
  • ClickFunnel free ENTERPRISE edition

So when I first find out on the ClickFunnels reviews articles about the software I wanted to try it. Then I learn that I can try both editions. I was in an affiliate business for quite some time so I had more domains that are allowed in the startup edition (max 3) so I take Enterprise edition.

However, this two options both have advantages. Of course, startup edition is weaker and it allows you fewer options. The advantage is, of course, a price. The startup edition cost $97.

The second option is Enterprise edition which is stronger, have more options but of course, it cost more. The enterprise costs $297.


ClickFunnels Pricing Review Conclusion

This was the ClickFunnel pricing review part. Here I wanna note that you could learn that you can try this powerful tool completely free for 14 days.

If you wanna see is this tool worth the price I suggest you use this opportunity and try it for free. Why would you paid for something you don ‘t want or don’t need.

For me, the free trail was like a Christmas because I find the tool I was needed and I also save a lot of money because I didn’t need other tools I previously used. So do want the professional and powerful tool for creating funnels?


What Real Customers ClickFunnels Reviews Say About the Product?

The thing I wanted to especially note in the Click Funnels Review article is what real and I mean Real customers ClickFunnels reviews say about the product and its value.

When you wanna see real customers ClickFunnels reviews you need to look for the user testimonials. You can find user testimonials on:

  • YouTube
  • Forums
  • WebPages

Usually, I like to watch YouTube videos. When I look for the tutorial or some opinion I look for the YouTube videos. Also, for the real customers Click Funnels Reviews part of the article, I looked at the more source and I prepared for you three the best and real YouTube videos which you can see here ClickFunnels Reviews Videos.

In them, you can see that users follow Russell Brunson tips. I want to note that Click Funnel is also a Russell Brunson product and all Funnels ideas were transformed into that product.

The ClickFunnels product is specially designed for creating Funnels. So in the real customers ClickFunnels reviews you can see that all users who follow Funnels idea recommend this product because this platform is professional and it makes creating funnels easier. Do you think that product which is designed for funnels is better for creating them than other similar product?

The customers think that and I think that too. Try it and see it for yourself.


Why is it so popular?

Ok as you could learn in the Click Funnels Review article above there is more advantages of this software. Mostly people choose to use it because of…

  • More capabilities
  • Saves you a lot of money
  • Have integrated many other useful programs for your business

All of this advantage makes him more and more popular tool for business organization. Many affiliate marketers change their alternative tools because they need more functionalities.

For me, it is a great tool because it allows me to sell me.

  • own products
  • design web pages
  • build the very high list

…and much more capabilities which will reveal to you once you start using it. In the ClickFunnels reviews, you can also see how this tool does not cost much so it is the cost efficient solution. So do you want All in One cost efficient solution for making your business?


Are there other secret products that I need to know about?

If you are in affiliate marketing business than you would certainly wanna know about other useful products that can be very helpful to you. So here in the Click Funnel review, I want to show you few additional staff that you might be interested.

These products are connected to the ClickFunnels tools and it will help you in building highly profitable Funnels.

So let’s see this secret but very powerful and helpful products:


#1 DotCom Secrets book

This is the first very helpful product which will teach you best practice to build the online business and organized is as a well-structured Funnels. It is ideal for everyone who…

  • Likes to learn and read
  • Wants to earn more money but struggle
  • His business for online and offline selling
  • Want to start online business and organized it well

I read this book and I can say that it has many useful tips and tricks and also it explains all Funnels based ideas. By reading it you can get many ideas for your business.

I think that it will help you a lot and that is why I want you to have it. It is completely FREE you will only need to pay $7,95 for shipping. If you consider costs of the making book you can see that this process cost more.


#2 Free Affiliate Bootcamp

Ok, the next product that can help you in your funnels business that I want to mention in the Click Funnels review is Free Affiliate Bootcamp.

Yes As you can see this product is also free. It is very useful because it shows you how to optimize your…

  • Keywords – Niche and keyword research
  • Content – How to create High-quality content
  • Website –How to set up your website
  • Traffic – Drive Targeted Traffic

All of this trainings are focused on optimizing and organizing. That is the key to success. With the little secret tricks and tips you can always achieve more and in the end, earn more income. Does this make sense to you?


#3 Funnel Hacks Webinar

The last product that I want to reveal to you in the ClickFunnel review is Funnel Hacks Webinar. This is the very powerful very useful product. It contains three secrets…

  1. First Secret – How to hack $ 1 000 000 worth Funnel from the competitors for $100
  2. Second Secret – In less than 10 minutes replicate the best funnel
  3. Third Secret – How to transfer competitors customers to your selling site

This is the most powerful funnel product because you will learn how to take competitors real customers and earn money from that. Pretty cool don’t you think that?

Ok and now let’s get back to Click Funnels tool. In just a few second you will learn how does it work and is there and secret you must know about?


How does the Click Funnels Work?


Are you looking for the information how does the Click Funnels work? Is there something you need to know before you start using it?

When I started to using Click Funnels tools I was very suspicious too. Does this software really work? Will it be good for me?

I was suspicious with the big reason of course. For example, I was using Ad weber for emails list. I had more than…

  • 10 000+ people on the list
  • 30+ email list
  • 120+ action funnels


What do you think, did I have a reason to be suspicious?

What would be if I lost all my emails and leads? Of course, I was very scary at the start. After the one week, I find ClickFunnels software very stable and also very powerful.

Everything work even better for me so I decided to answer all my leads and emails to this software and up to now, I had no problems. I was able to transfer…

  • All my leads
  • Email lists
  • Action funnels

…and also I was able to add more functionalities than before. So on the start question how does Click Funnels work I can answer that it work perfectly. In the customer reviews articles, you can see many other users which are also very satisfied.

To conclude this is a powerful and expert tool used by many affiliate marketer and other people who want online and offline advance marketing tool. It has free 14 days trial so if you wanna see how it works check it for yourself.


Final Verdict for Click Funnels: 10/10

This was Click Funnels Review article in which I show you functionality and all other tips and tricks you might want to know before start using this powerful marketing software by yourself.

On the end, I can say that this software has many functionalities implement in itself and that is why it will provide you more options than other competitors products.

Also, if you compare how much will other addition tools cost if you use some competitor product then you will see that ClickFunnels is the absolutely cost efficient solution.

It works good and there is no barrier for you to try it. This software is powerful and specially designed for Funnels building and the best part is that it has 14 days FREE period. So if you wanna try it click here:

14 Days Free Click Funnels

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