Affiliate Marketing Basics – #1 Amazing Way to Make Extra Money

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Affiliate marketing is the attractive and trending topic that many people are talking about these days, and the reason behind it is simple – because of easy Passive Income.

Over the last few years, earning passive income has become a dream of most of the bloggers and entrepreneurs. Of course, you need to work hard to get started with passive income. Good news is that once you’re done and got a source of passive income, it requires very little work to maintain its efficiency. It’s looking pretty good don’t you think?

Ok, now you can ask yourself questions like:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How it provides passive income?
  • How to get started?

Well, we will answer all the questions here in this article – the basics, the revenue model and the platforms and websites you should consider if you are interested in getting into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing. Ok, how does it work?

The companies and brands who wants to sell their products offers incentive program and provides incentives on the selling of their products. Whenever a marketer manages to successfully promote and finally sell a product, they get a certain percentage of that sale.

There are 4 different parties involved in the affiliate model…

  • the network,
  • merchant,
  • the publisher (or the affiliate)

…and the last but not the least, the consumer. In just a second, you’ll see where are you in the affiliate model and can you profit there.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

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4 Different Parties that are there In Affiliate Marketing

#1 The Merchant is the seller, vendor or you can say the marketplace that is responsible for selling the products that are to be promoted – packing, organizing, and also shipping the customer’s orders after they make a purchase.

One of the best examples of a merchant is Amazon – they’re one of the largest online marketplaces famous across the World, and they not only host third party sellers but also they pack and ships a lot of products themselves.

#2 The Network is the affiliate network that works as an intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate. It deals with the products to promote and takes care of the payments on successful conversions. The affiliate programs are the companies who are selling the products themselves – bringing both…

  • sales
  • and members

….under one single platform. Again, Amazon is a perfect example of a platform that does both – selling the products as well as providing affiliate network.

However, third-party affiliate marketing programs also exist, such as Rakuten and many others, which operates across various platforms in partnership with dozens, or you can tell hundreds of merchants. In the next few seconds, you will learn how you can get a profit in affiliate marketing.

#3 The Publisher or the Affiliate is you! Yes, this is you if you are interested in affiliate marketing. And this is where the ‘marketing’ part of affiliate marketing comes into the picture  – you need to ”publish” content to refer a user, willing to purchase a product from the merchant – and the idea is to do it in such a way that you get a piece of the profit.

Wanna learn how to start getting profit as the affiliate marketer?

In today’s world of drones and quadcopters, this is a very popular way to buy drones and put your review on YouTube. Interested people will view your video and the affiliate marketer, or you can include their link in the video or the video description below. Customers can directly click on the link and get the product.

Even social media channels are also very accessible and useful for affiliate marketers – though there are some affiliate programs which disallow the use of these social media channels. But anyone having a significant number of following on social media sites such as…

  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • or Instagram

…can get the advantage of having a large number of audience for their content from the beginning, making these a popular platform to post affiliate links and drive sales through affiliate marketing. In just a few seconds you will learn the best method to get a large amount of audience.

Which is the primary method to get the audience and start getting profit?

But the above mentioned two outlets of driving sales are pretty small as compared to the primary method – blogs.

There are lots of highly popular affiliate blogs there, such as PC Mech and This Is Why I’m Broke.

The contents of an affiliate blogs can vary – it includes…

  • top 10 lists,
  • product reviews,

…and other related materials – mainly the idea is to offer anything that is useful and can drive engagement, convincing the buyers that the goods they are looking for are worth buying.

And that is the primary goal of the affiliate – providing quality content for convincing a customer to purchase a particular product or to purchase products from a particular merchant. The affiliate drives traffic to the merchant and gets a percentage of that sale for their referral.

There are lots of content on the Internet which will provide you various information about driving a traffic to the merchant and getting passive income. One of the best is of them is Free 100 Days STEP-BY-STEP Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp. You will learn more about that popular free training bellow.

Ok and now let’s see which is the last of the 4 different parties in the affiliate marketing.

#4 The Consumer is the one to whom you are trying to sell. For example, if you run an affiliate site for a shoe selling company, your customer will be the ones who will buy shoes from that particular company – and your aim should be targeting your content accordingly.

Most often, the consumer is completely unaware of the fact that they are on an affiliate marketing site – because even famous affiliate programs like Amazon only needs a simple statement on your affiliation with their affiliate program – and that’s what most marketers like about it.


How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

Now you are aware of the basics – the merchant sells the item, the affiliate network lets the marketers know about that, and then the marketers creates valuable content to drive sales, and finally the consumer buys the item.

Then the affiliate network takes payment from the merchant for the sales it drove, and the individual responsible for the sales gets cash from the system.


Find and Join an Affiliate Network

Affiliate Marketing Networks

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, the very first thing you need to do is to find an affiliate network.

Not to mention here, Amazon is a very popular and one of the best affiliate networks for beginner marketers, as it allows you to promote any item on your site and get paid for it – providing you a vast number of niches to choose from when starting your affiliate website.

BangGood is a good program particularly for drone enthusiasts, and there are many other networks also like:

  • Rakuten
  • and ClickBank.

You just need to find a program you like and apply there. In just a few seconds you will learn how to choose the perfect niche.

Know Your Niche

A perfect ”niche” – the type of items about which you will write content to appeal your targeted audience – is the one about which you already know something.

Wanna see few examples of great chosen niche?

If you know about video games, a game or gaming accessories review blog would be a good option for you to start your affiliate journey. Or if you are outdoorsy, perhaps outdoor camping products like backpacks, sleeping bags or products in that category would be your ideal niche to start.

There isn’t anything like perfect niche – only some are more competitive and crowded, but if you can produce quality content and have a high-quality site, you will surely succeed.

So pick what you love – it can be anything, you just need to be ready to write a lot about it.

Build Your Affiliate Site

Well, your affiliate need not have to be complicated – most of the affiliate sites use website creation tool like WordPress. We also recommend you to go for WordPress as it is probably the easiest way to work on your site and also you can easily find help for anything you need.

Select a theme of your choice, do a little customization and make sure that its design and appearance well reflects your targeted niche. For example…

  • no flowery backgrounds for a gaming blog,
  • and no gaming themes for a parenting blog.

Does this make sense to you? Beyond that, design is purely a matter of taste – after all, your content is what your readers will look for, not a fancy and heavily designed theme or CSS customization.

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Start to Write Your Content

Once you complete with setup your site, you need to write some substance. As said above, the most popular style of affiliate content is ‘Top 10’ style product reviews and comparison articles.

If people were looking for products in a particular niche, then they search it on Google. For example, if they look for ‘Best Tent for Car Camping in 2017, ‘ and you have one article about that on your blog then you stand a great chance to be found. These type of pages are quite easy to optimize for SEO with just a few links.

What are great advantages of reviewing and comparing articles?

In addition to that, reviewing or comparing multiple numbers of products allows you to display more affiliate links on one page – which can help you, as generally, you must incorporate a tracking link from the affiliate program you are using for each of the products.

So more products mean more affiliate links which mean more options for your readers to click and convert to a sale easily. But don’t go overboard. As having too many products in one page can confuse your readers, and can also work against you, because too many outbound affiliate link on a page is not considered safe by Google.

Review and comparison type articles are easy to rank for multiple keywords if optimized properly. The key is to focus on the long-tail keywords throughout the content and use original formatting like:

  • subheadings,
  • bullets,
  • and lists.

The reason behind why this type of content ranks well is because of its value – it is useful to the readers. A useful, well-formatted and informative content gets clicks and thus, conversions.

You may not have any personal experience of the products you are reviewing, but still, it’s quite easy to get an idea of the products that are doing good and also the ones that are not that good in that particular niche. And when you write content which includes the kind of information – rich, informative and well-researched material, the consumers automatically responds by purchasing your promoted product.

Engage Your Readers

If you have built a great blog and you are regularly updating it with quality content, it should not take you too long to get readers. It is very helpful to get these readers to connect with your website – if your site has the subscription feature, there should be a clear way for your readers to subscribe so that they get the new posts delivered to their email inbox as soon as they publish.

What should you do to increase email engagement?

Email plays a significant role in affiliate marketing – there should be at least one method to capture emails. One good way to do this is through some offer or promotion – some niche oriented affiliate site offers…

  • a more in-depth review in PDF format,
  • or some other kind of downloadable Call-To-Action (CTA)

…content to drive engagement. Also remember, if your niche is highly specialized, you don’t need a huge email list to get sales – a list of only 500 interested readers with money to spend are enough to drive a lot of traffic to your blog and give you lots of sales if you keep them engaged with weekly updates.

As said by one old saying, ‘the money is in the list.’ In just a few seconds you will learn one of the most important thing you must not do at all cost.

Make Sure Your Content is Relevant – And Always Stay Updated

One of the worst things that you can do with your content blog is Stopping. If you stop to review new products, stop creating or updating new content, or stop to pay your attention to the niche you are focusing in, you run a high risk of alienating your readers who trusted you and thus losing a lot of future sales.

Once you have started an affiliate blog, it’s critical to keep and maintain your blog for as long as you plan to be an affiliate marketer. Never let your blog stagnate – it will waste all your time and investment that you put on it.

What to do if you do not have time to make content?

Even if you don’t have the time to create content yourself, but you are making sufficient money to justify it, you may consider hiring someone who can to do it for you. There are online platforms like…

  • Up work
  • or many other freelance sites

…marketplaces where you can get many writers who specialize in creating affiliate content at a reasonable price.

But long and high-quality content can be a little expensive, so you should consider this only if you are very short on time, or are unable to write content on your own, and you don’t mind to pay for it.

Consider Paid Advertising Only When You Can Pay For It

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with popular platforms like Google Ads or Facebook can prove to be an excellent way to get the engagement of readers to your blog and help you to expand your audience. Also, you can target the leaders of your niche by paying them for your blog to appear as a sponsored page next to them on different social platforms, which will lead more traffic to your site without facing the competition.

But these services are not cheap, so you should think of doing this only when you’ve started getting your investment back and have the money to spend on increasing the size of your target audience.

What should you be careful about when you do PPC advertising?

Also, be careful of the policies of your affiliate programs regarding PPC advertising. Some affiliate programs such as Amazon technically doesn’t allow you to do any advertisement of your blog. Many Amazon Affiliate sites ignore this rule; it can lead to a permanent ban of your account so be aware of the rules and guidelines set by the affiliate program you are working.

Continue to Grow

Once you complete with a successful affiliate site, nothing can stop you from reinvesting your profits in another website. Many people operate dozens of networks – and some companies even operate hundreds of affiliate marketing sites. If you enjoyed the whole experience of creating your affiliate site, create another affiliate site in some other niche and keep growing your affiliate site network.

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  • How to start making nice income very fast?
  • How to replace your full-time income?

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The Final Words

That’s almost all that you need to know about affiliate marketing basics, but this is a vast topic, and there’s a lot to learn. So, if you are looking for more information on affiliate marketing, there are many blogs you can check.

There is no magic in affiliate marketing. You won’t be getting a passive income of thousands of dollars overnight. With…

  • time,
  • patience
  • and attention

…you may just manage to build a blog that will bring you decent income with little pruning and updating. You can also reinvest the profit of one blog in other blogs and continue to expand your business.

So if this all sounds interesting to you, don’t delay anymore. Find a good affiliate program, find your interested niche and get started. After all, it’s never too late to start!

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