5 Important Business Level Strategy Questions – Good Business Strategies

Wanna learn how to make an easy real strategy that will help your business to achieve the higher profit? See the best strategy that actually works in practice.

Wanna learn how easy is to make strategy? Looking for the easiest way to make business strategy?

In this article, you will learn how easy is to make a business strategy from the most important five questions that make strategy real. There is no high brain scientific methodology. It can bed one by everyone. So here you will see

  • Five questions guide to make the business strategy.
  • Additional secret little questions which help you to define strategy in more detail.
  • How to achieve ever-higher levels of effectiveness in business?

5 Important Business Level Strategy Questions


What is strategy and what I need to make good business strategy?

When you hear notably academics and expert consultants talking about strategy – it sounds like some high-brain scientific methodology which can be made only by professionals.

Note this is wrong! It can be done by everyone if you know what strategy really is. Strategy is…

  • real,
  • actual,
  • changeable

…and very dynamic game. The game in which you need to act fast and forget about slow and costing planning scenarios.

Of course, it is always good to look for the expert advice how to start planning and making good strategy. In fact, there are many free books like DotComSecrets Book.

This is the good source of information because it will provide you examples of successful business strategies and also what this business do good to become successful.

When you learn successful examples and good practice explained, in DotComSecrets Book, it is most likely that you will make better strategy too. Don’t you agree with that?


Do I need to look at the scientific studies to make business strategy?

The answer is simple of course not. There is many…

  • planning scenarios,
  • 150+ pages of reports,

…and explanation of the game strategy which notably academics suggest in the business strategy planning. But it is absolutely unnecessary, expensive and it takes too much time.

All you need is real life and straight fast made the strategy which is based on good practice and successful examples like it are shown in the DotComSecrets Book. In just a few second you will learn how to make the successful real strategy.


How to Make Strategy Real and Accomplish Success?

So in this part of the article, you will learn how to fast and easy make Strategy Real and Accomplish Success?

The key thing is to pick the general direction where you want that your business go. When you have the general direction you need to implement it and that it. Of course, now comes the best part and that is:


How to implement the real strategy?

Ok, real strategy is named for something that really happening on the market. So to do this strategy you will need to investigate the market situation.

That means you will need to dig deep into your competitive situation. The most important thing is that you compare yourself with other players on the market.

Also, look for your advantages and disadvantages. To help you with the investigation I create top 5 questions that make strategy real. If you answer that questions you will learn all your business strength.

This will help you to focus business wisely and achieve the successful strategy. Do you agree with that?

Ok, and in just a few seconds you will learn the Most Important Five Questions That Make Strategy Real and help you to achieve the higher profit.


The Most Important Five Questions That Make Strategy Real and Achieve Business Higher Profit

#1 What the Situation is on the Market?

In the first of top 5 questions that makes strategy real, you will learn your future situation on the market. The questions bellow are very powerful because you will see competitors strength, weakness and also, you will position your future company on the market.

  • Why are other players on the market?
  • What is the size of competitors business: small, medium, large?
  • How many years are competitors in business: new or old companies?
  • What are the competitors share and what will be your share of the market?
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of the competitor’s products?
  • Who are main customers for their business?


#2 Did Competitors Implement Something New in the Past Few Years?

The second question will reveal you competitors advancement. Once you answer the questions bellow you will know what to expect in years to come.

  • Is some competitor done in the past some innovation that changes competitors positions?
  • Did they change their technology or products?
  • Is there some new potential competitor with the new innovative product?


#3 What Have You Done in the Past Years?

This question is very useful to the users that have company. Also, it can be very useful to new players on the market if you want to learn whet you need to do in order to achieve the successful future strategy.

Consider questions bellow as strategy improvement questions which you always need to do. So the questions bellow will help you to compare and adapt your strategy to improve your position on the market.

  • Have you done some innovation that changes competitors positions?
  • Did you grow your business by buying some company?
  • Did you change technology or introduce the new product?
  • Is your competitive position now: the same, better or worse?


#4 What is Your Future Prediction?

These questions are very useful because they will help you to achieve the better future position. Here you will predict future events and how to act on them.

  • Is there a move that competitor can do in order to weaken your business strength?
  • Do you care for your workers especially the most talented one?
  • Is there technology or innovation that competitor could implement in their product?


#5 What Will be Your Next Move?

Ok, now we come to the point where you must look for your next move to get the advantage. This is one of the most powerful questions that can change the future picture of your business.

  • How can you change your competitive position: new talented worker, technology, innovative product?
  • How will you get more new customers and how will you engage old one to buy again?


What to do after you think about this questions?

Once you complete testing top 5 question that makes strategy real testing then you nee to make some changes in your business strategy.

Once you learn you…

  • Position
  • Weaknesses
  • Advantages
  • Competitor strength

…you can move to the next level and act to achieve future success. Note that your successful competitors did this too so you must outsmart them in order to achieve the better market position.

The best practice is to put the right people in the right jobs and they will achieve you the best business results. Skilled workers in the right position will achieve better productivity and efficiency which leads to success. Do you agree with that?


What must you do in order to secure strategy that will bring you future success?

The most important thing is that you need to constantly adapt. That is the basic rule of the real strategy. REMEMBER THAT!

That is why you need to continuously improve your strategy depending on the real market situation. When you try to make business better, your workers will recognize and they will be better too.

The study shows that company which has real strategies and adapts has…

  • Better productivity and efficiency
  • Higher worker motivation

…and etc. which brings to the better business results. So do you want to secure your business success?


Final verdict

On the end of the Most Important Five Questions That Make Strategy Real article, I want to note you that this is only drop in the ocean of the real strategy. There are many factors that can affect your success.

  • If your business is not profitable?
  • If you do not know what to do next?
  • If you want to implement the successful real strategy?
  • If you want the perfect business plan for higher profit?

Then you need to look for the professional and expert advice. The best expert advice is from people that are successful and in business more years.

They can provide you real situation examples and helpful tips that can lead you to next successful business person. As I mention in the article above you can learn many powerful real situation tips to achieve the better business result in the Free DotComSecrets Book.
Best of Luck to you!!!

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